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12-10-2020 17:15



UkrTatNafta 140,000b/d Kremenchug refinery on 11 October, 2020 started isomerate output, and on 12th October has officially launched the isomerization unit using Axens technology. Investments in the project with a design capacity of 350,000tpa amounted to about $30mn.

This investment provides the enterprise and customers with a number of advantages. Chief Technologist of the Kremenchug Oil Refinery Yuri Golich told about this in a video interview to OILMARKET magazine. (please watch the video on our Facebook page OILMARKET magazine).

Yury Golych explained, that the key objective of the new products in enhancing the antiknock value of high octane gasoline, which is going to improve engines performance for all the company fuel retail clients! Yury Golych also underscored that now the company has essential market advantages, enables Kremenchug gasoline to very successfully compete with the gasoline blends supplied from Lithuania, Belarus and other Eastern European countries and other parts of the world. Isomerate ideally improves gasoline blending formula at Kremenchug refinery.

The launch of the unit allows the company to practically completely abandon such oxygenate component as MTBE, on which the company previously spent about $ 50 million / year.

The new unit will also increase the octane number of light gasoline fractions by 20 points, and bring the share of gasoline with an octane rating of 95 to 80% of all gasoline produced.