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22-04-2019 16:00


Over the past few days, Belarus 220,000 b/d Mozyr Oil Refinery has been refining Urals blend with a high content of chlorinated organics, which steeply icreased corrosivness. The poor quality of the processed feed stock affected equipment operation.

On 20 April section C-100 at unit LK-6U #2 (primary distillation unit) had heat exchangers put out of operation at air cooler HK-105, consisting of six sections. The refinery repair and maintenance team swiftly addressed the issue, the refinery public service reports.

Preliminary assessment of the experts from mother company Belneftekhim jointly with Belarus Academy of Science experts and State watch dog agency Gospromnadzor detected signs of corrosion damage to the heat exchange pipes.

According to the Mozyr Refinery managing director Vitaly Pavlov, in this situation the company's specialists acted quickly and effectively. The refinery experts arranged enhanced control over the state of the equipment and the maintenance of the technological regime in order to solve the problem. The refinery specialists increased supply of reagents aiming to reduce corrosive wear.

Despite the arising problems associated with the corrosive wear of equipment, Mozyr refinery continues to produce fuels and full range of other products meeting the international quality standards.