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21-03-2019 17:53


KazMunaiGaz’s 110,000b/d Atyrau refinery in 2018 exceeded scheduled indicators by 5% and amounted to 105,360 b/d (5.268mn t), which is 544,000t more than in 2017. This was a record high refinery runs level in refinery 1943-2019 history.

High-octane gasoline output also turned out to be a record-breaking - 1.18mn t, which is 89% more than in 2017. The production of diesel fuel amounted to 1.459mn t (7.5% growth from 2017). The entire volume of production of diesel fuels and gasoline corresponded to environmental classes K4 and K5 according to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

The refinery launched production of the new types of high-quality products: jet fuel, winter diesel fuel with a maximum filterability temperature (PTF) -25°C and PTF -32°C “Khazar” of environmental class K5.

The refinery also launched an industrial production and shipments of high-purity paraxylene, a valuable high-value petrochemical raw material. It is increasingly used in mechanical engineering, chemical and medical industry, instrument making and household appliances production.