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20-03-2019 16:25


The RF State Duma has ratified the protocol to the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus on trade and economic cooperation regulations in the field of oil and petroleum products exports of from 12 January, 2007. The protocol was signed on October 10, 2018 in Moscow.

The document establishes procedures for the harmonization of indicative balances and protocols, as well as the prohibition of exports of crude oil and petroleum products supplied from the Russian Federation to Belarus.

The protocol provides for the procedure for harmonization and changes in the indicative balances of oil and oil products, as well as protocols for goods contained in groups 27 and 29 of the single Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activities of the Eurasian Economic Union (mineral fuel, oil and products of its distillation, bituminous substances, mineral waxes, organic chemical compounds), in order to meet the domestic needs of Belarus.

The document implies the definition by the competent authorities of the list of banned or restricted to export from the Russian Federation to Belarus commodities. The protocol establishes exceptions for prohibited or restricted to the export of petroleum products. Yes, prohibitions or restrictions apply without prejudice to the regulations relating to the compilation of indicative balances in the range of commodities such as gasoline, diesel fuel, and heating oil. Changes to the list may be made by decision of the competent authorities of both countries in accordance with national legislation.

For the commodities that are not listed in the list, it is stipulated that the procedure for their export is carried out without drafting the indicative balances.
It also establishes that if the competent authorities of both countries have not reached agreement on indicative balances and (or) protocols before the beginning of the next calendar year, oil and (or) other commodities are to be supplied in the current calendar year in the amounts provided for in the previous calendar year.

Special provisions relate to certain rules of customs regulation. The protocol defines restrictions on the use of a temporary periodic customs declaration when exporting petroleum products from the Russian Federation to Belarus and retains the possibility of applying a temporary periodic customs declaration when exporting petroleum products from the Russian Federation by pipeline.