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18-03-2019 16:56


At the end of 2018, Gazprom Neft's own refineries, in Omsk and Moscow, significantly reduced the consumption of heat, fuel and electricity. The economic effect from the implementation of energy saving measures amounted to RBL447.4mn ($6.9mn), exceeding the planned indicators by 49.7%. The reduction in energy consumption at refineries continues due to the implementation of the Gazprom Neft oil refining energy efficiency programme.

As part of the programme, the 560,000 b/d Omsk refinery covered a number of units with innovative heat-saving coating, optimized technological furnaces, and reconstructed main steam pipelines. The 240,000b/d Moscow refinery has modernized its heat and steam and condensate equipment, and improved the efficiency of pumping equipment. In total, in 2018, 25 energy-saving projects were implemented at the Omsk and Moscow oil refineries of Gazprom Neft.

“Since 2008, the company has been implementing the programme to modernize oil refining assets, one of the goals of which is a consistent increase in energy efficiency. As part of this programme, new modern units are being built at the refinery, with installation of automated control and monitoring systems, and they are getting rid of the technological facilities of the past generation. Reducing energy consumption along with an increase in the efficiency of oil refineries allows us to further reduce the environmental impact of production, ” stated Anatoly Cherner, Deputy Managing Director for Logistics, Refining and Marketing of Gazprom Neft PJSC.


Gazprom Neft is conducting large-scale modernization programme for the Omsk and Moscow refineries, with a total investment of more than RBL550bn ($8.4bn).

In the framework of the first stage of modernization, the refinery built and reconstructed key technological installations, which allowed enterprises to completely switch to the output of Euro-5 motor fuels, significantly increasing energy efficiency and environmentally friendly production.

Now the implementation of the second stage of the modernization programme continues, as a result of which the depth of oil refining and the production of light oil products will grow to the level of the best world indicators.