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01-03-2019 17:50


“Axis Trade” and “Avantage 7” started direct deliveries of Kazakh LPG produced by Tengizchevroil (TCO) in 2019. Axis Trade, which supplies LPG for the Motto gas stations chain, imported 1,293 t of TCO LPG in January: 744t of propane and 549t of butane. LPG was shipped to the company tank farm (Automatic Gas Pumping Station) at st. Privolnoe (Dnepropetrovsk region).

The market insiders indicate that the company plans to import on the regular basis 1-2,000t of LPG from the TCO every month. In addition to the LPG storage in the Dnipropetrovsk region, Axis Trade intends to keep the TCO volumes at the LPG pumping stations in the Kharkov and Kiev regions.

"Avantage 7" started shipping the TCO LPG volumes from February 2019. On 4 to 5 February, the company received 542t of LPG by rail: 325t of propane and 217t of butane fraction. The volumes arrived to the Makarov Pumping station in Zhytomyr region. The "Avantage 7" confirmed the beginning of cooperation with TCO, however, did not disclose the volume of deliveries and shipments basis.

Hence, the list of TCO LPG importers to Ukraine has expanded to 9 companies. Earlier, Ukrainian operators SOCAR, Nadezhda, Petro Carbo Khem-Mukachevo, Gaztron, WOG, Avtotrans and Bars inked long-term contracts with the TCO. On the other hand, the Eurogas Group, which last year imported gas from TCO, has terminated Kazakh LPG supplies deal since 2019.

According to Ukraine’s UPECO consultancy, in 2018, Ukraine received 211,000t of TCO LPG under direct contracts up from 27,000t in 2017.