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18-02-2019 10:03


Gazprom Neft’s 240,000 b/d Moscow oil refinery has completed the works aimed to improve the efficiency of bitumen production. The plant operating at the refinery is one of the largest in Europe, informs Moscow Refinery. In the course of the modernization effort, more than 1.2km of pipelines as well as tanks and columns were installed, enhancing as well the reliability of the process and the overall efficiency of the unit. All production processes have been fully automated.

The company further explained that the bitumen unit is equipped with the hermetic loading system, which allows the shipment of products in accordance with environmental requirements. The unit can produce several grades of bitumen. According to Oleg Lazarev, Deputy General Director of the Moscow Refinery, the total volume of production of bitumen materials in 2018 increased by a quarter compared to the previous year (He would not specify the actual volumes).

Gazprom Neft produces bitumen materials in Moscow, Vyazma, Omsk, Yaroslavl and Ryazan regions, as well as in Kazakhstan and Serbia. The company produces road, construction and roofing bitumens, polymer-bitumen binders (PBV), polymer-modified bitumens (MBP), bituminous products (mastics, sealants, joint tapes, etc.).

By 2025, according to the company's adjusted development strategy, the production of premium bitumen products should grow to 186,000t. Production volumes of bitumen materials should increase to 2.3mn t.