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04-02-2019 17:26


In March 2019, Kazakhstan plans to begin exporting petroleum products, excluding diesel fuel, stated the Energy Minister Kanat Bozumbayev.

"In the first quarter 2019, we will have an excess of gasoline, fuel oil, jet fuel. We assume the export of our oil products, mainly to the countries of Central Asia. You know, for many years, Kazakhstan was a net importer of oil products, despite the fact that we are oil-producing country. But, as a result of the modernization of our refineries, we, firstly, expanded the range, secondly, the refining depth changed, thirdly, the quality of petroleum products moved to a completely different level, to K4 and K5 standards ", - stated K. Bozumbayev.

According to the minister, talks with Kyrgyz partners are currently being completed, next week the Senate will consider ratifying the agreement with the Russian Federation on the possibility of exports. It is assumed that by the end of the first quarter, the country will begin exporting petroleum products.
The Minister noted that during 2018, the {domestic market –OM} price of AI-92 gasoline went down, and at the same time the price of diesel fuel was increasing. The rise in diesel fuel was associated with a seasonal increase in consumption by agricultural producers and a seasonal increase in transit traffic. In this context, measures are being worked out to introduce a temporary ban on the export of diesel fuel.


Atyrau, Pavlodar and Shymkent refineries are currently operating in Kazakhstan. At the end of the modernization, the refining capacity at three refineries increased from 276,000 b/d (13.8mn tpa) to 330,000 b/d (16.5 mn tpa), the production of all types of light oil products increased. Production of motor gasoline increased by 2.35mn tpa, diesel fuel - by 0.9mn tpa, jet fuel - by 0.54mn tpa.