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04-02-2019 17:08


Ukraine’s petrochemical producer Karpatneftekhim (Kalush) in 2018 imported 103,000 t of LPG.

Last year, the company purchased normal butane, as a feedstock for the ethylene production.

Almost all butane was imported from Russia – 102,000t, about 1,000t arrived from refineries in Belarus and Lithuania.

The main suppliers of LPG were: Nizhnekamskneftekhim – 40,400t, Omsk Kauchuk (GC "Titan") – 40,400t, Rosneft – 10,600 t and Tatneft – 5,100t. The butane volumes also arrived from Gazprom neft’s 560,000b/d Omsk Refinery, 388,000 b/d Kirishinefteorgsintez refinery, 320,000 b/d Mozyr refinery in Belarus and 240,000 b/d Orlen Lijetuva refinery in Mazheikiai.

Karpatneftekhim LPG imports in 2018, kt

January - 3.98
February - 9.26
March - 12.04
April - 7.86
May -11.37
June - 10.83
July - 10.72
August – 7.69
September -12.14
October - 7.41
November - 1.45
December - 8.37

All Russian LPG, with the exception of Rosneft butane, arrived via the LPG terminals Transekspediciya and Chess-Bel in Vitebsk, Belarus.

In 2017, the company imported about 3,700 t of LPG.

At the end of 2016, Ukraine’s Parliament Verkhovna Rada authorized excise tax free LPG imports for the production of ethylene, produced at Karpatneftekhim. The plant resumed production on 8 June, 2017.

Karpatneftekhim is one of the largest enterprises of Ukraine’s petrochemical complex. The enterprise is capable of producing 300,000 tpa of polyvinyl chloride, 200,000 tpa of caustic soda, about 180,000 tpa of chlorine, as well as 250,000 tpa of ethylene and 100,000 tpa of polyethylene.