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22-01-2019 17:15


22 JANUARY, 2019, 17:15

Glusco gas stations chain in Ukraine, previously ROSNEFT
Boris Gandzha is appointed director of Glusco Ukraine. In the commentary to OILMARKET, he stated that took this job as part of the transition effort of the Glusco gas station network to the joint management of Wexler Group and Unimex (Element, Mango).

“Our efforts with Wexler are aimed solely at managing the Glusco network. Element and Anvitrade are independent projects that will function separately from each other, ” stated Boris Gandzha. He added that he continues to be a shareholder of Element.

The new head of Glusco did not rule out that deeper integration is possible in the future, up to the merging of networks that Wexler and Unimex separately manage at the moment. “The joint project is 90% retail - 10% wholesale,” he added.

The press service of Glusco has not yet commented on information about the transition of gas stations to the management of Wexler and Unimex. The company only reported that Boris Gandzha was appointed director of Glusco Ukraine since 22 January 2019. “Sergey Latyshev, who previously headed the company, was appointed his deputy,” Glusco reported. The company also refrained from commenting whether Nisan Moiseyev would remain the ultimate beneficiary of Glusco.

The Unimex group owned by Boris Gandzha and Yevgeny Svirsky, the company operates fuels imports in Ukraine as well domestic wholesale and retail trade (better known as the Element Group, Mango Group). Unimex unites a network of gas stations under the brands Mango and Ultra, which total more than 50 gas stations.
Pyotr Belz's Wexler Group is the largest importer of petroleum products to Ukraine. Wexler Group unites: Avitrade, Logistic End Oil, Yasun Trans 27, Luner, Hazard, Agency Traiton Service Ukraine, Terminal Oil and others.
Glusko Ukraine is a subsidiary of the Swiss Glusco Energy SA., The beneficiary of which is a businessman Nisan Moiseyev.

In December 2016, Ukraine’s Anti-Trust Committee blessed Swiss company Glusco Energy SA (part of Proton Energy Group) take over of Rosneft’s network of gas stations in Ukraine, which operate under the TNK, Formula and Golden Hepard brands. In 2017, Glusko launched the rebranding of those gas stations under the new Glusco brand-book.