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07-08-2018 17:05


This is scheduled maintenance. Previously, before modernization, the refinery used to stop for scheduled maintenances including the capital ones as long as 30-40 days.

Starting from 2018, the schedule of maintenance cycles has changed. The refinery management stated that the refinery will stop for the long term maintenance only once in three years.

"This standard regulates the use of two types of maintenance stops: current and capital maintenance, with two current maintenance stops lasting 15-20 days for two years and one capital maintenance lasting 35 to 40 days for every third year of the run.

The duration of the current scheduled maintenance is 15-20 days. Its required to meet the technological needs of the refinery. This time is spent for the regeneration and replacement of catalysts, revision of licensed equipment and other procedures carried out at the technological units of the refinery," the press service of the PNHZ had stated.

During the period from 5 August till 20th August, the refinery supplies passport products in accordance with the scheduled applications, received from the buyers of petroleum products.

In the first half of the year Pavlodar refinery refined 112,122 b/d (2.78mn t) of feedstock, which was 1,130 b/d (27,988t )higher than initially scheduled.