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01-02-2018 11:36


Starting from 1 February 2018 with Ukraine’s gas and oil refineries gearing up to the output of cleaner environmentally friendlier fuels, the country abandons old soviet standards (GOST) and switches to the European standards. In order to follow this trends Ukraine’s sole 150,000 b/d oil refinery UkrtatNafta in Kremenchug acquired costly testing equipment for its central lab to check sulfur and other ingridients content.

Deputy head of the main refinery laboratory Yelena Zinchenko stated during our recent visit to the refinery:

In December 2017 our refinery testing center had undergone international accreditation and starting from 1 February 2018 will be able to produce LPG meeting European standard EN 589 or so called “Eurogas”, as well as starting from the middle of 2018 we’ll be able to produce “Eurobitumen”. Also in December 2017 our testing center had passed reference audit and the quality of all gasoline tests met the limits standards of repeatability (SR). This means that if you acquire motor fuels of Kremenchug refinery you can be certain in every digit in its passport!