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Russias gas exports to Europe rose 8.1% last year to a record level of 193.9bn m3 (bcm), the companys head said on Wednesday, 3 January 2018, as the worlds largest gas producer Gazprom continued to increase sales despite rising competition from LNG and other sources, the FT said.

"Gazprom" in the first week of January published data on gas supplies to a dozen far abroad countries - the full statistics on the countries can be disclosed in the quarterly report, which is released in mid-February.

Gazprom, which has a monopoly over Russias gas pipelines to Europe, has been forced to reduce its prices as EU countries invest in terminals to import liquefied natural gas (LNG) from suppliers such as Qatar, while the US has also started shipping gas to Europe.

The second consecutive year of record exports on the one hand demonstrates the rapidly growing demand of European countries for Russian gas, and on the other its reliability to supply the required volumes, said Gazprom chairman Alexei Miller. Gazproms total gas production rose by an annual 12.4% last year to 471bcm, Mr Miller added. The company is spending record amounts on capital expenditure as it builds a new pipeline to China, as well as pipelines to Turkey and Germany, despite political opposition from many eastern European countries with the support of the US seeking to reduce Europes reliance on Russian gas.

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The maximum historical volume - 53.4bn m3 of gas - Gazprom supplied to the largest export market of the company - to Germany. The growth was by 3.6bln m3 (by 7.2%) compared to 2016, when the previous record valume (49.8bn m3) was recorded.

Russian gas supplies to Austria also reached a new historical level: they amounted to 8.5bn m3 (25% more than in the record year 2005 and 39.8% higher than in 2016) and the Netherlands 4.6 (11,7% more than in 2016).

The demand for Russian gas also increased in France, deliveries have reached 12.3bn m3 (an increase of 7.23%), in the Czech Republic - 5.8% bn m3 (by 27.9%), in Slovakia - 4.6bn m3 (by 24.7%). In addition, a record volume of Russian gas was supplied to Denmark - 1.75bn m3 (0.1% more than in 2016, when the previous maximum was set).

Miller also noted that in 2017, the trend of growing demand for Russian gas continued on the target markets for the Turkish Stream project: "A new historical record of supplies to Turkey, the second largest importer of Russian gas, was reached." According to operative data, Gazprom exported to the republic 29bn m3 of gas by 4.245bn m3 (17.15%) more than in 2016. Increased exports of Russian gas to Hungary - up to 6.9bn m3 (an increase of 24.62%), in Bulgaria - to 3,3bn m3 (by 3,81%), to Greece - up to 2,9bn m3 (by 8.37%), to Serbia - up to 2.1bn m3 (by 20%). "

Trading sources indicate that the growth of supplies to most of these countries coincided with the growth of the re-export of Russian gas to Ukraine from Germany, Slovakia, France and other countries.

Data on gas supplies to selected foreign countries in 2017 and 2016 in billions of cubic meters.

2017 2016
Germany 53,4 49,831
Turkey 29 24,755
France 12,3 11,471
Austria 8,5 6,079
Hungary 6,9 5,537
Czech rep 5,8 4,536
Netherlands 4,6 4,218
Slovakia 4,6 3,69
Bulgaria 3,3 3,179
Greece 2,9 2,676
Serbia 2,1 1,75
Denmark 1,75 1,748

Meanwhile, the head of Gazprom informed that today at the construction of the Turkish gas pipeline, more than 700 km (about 38%) of the offshore section of the two strings gas pipeline combined were already laid on the sea bed.

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