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17-03-2017 18:19


The installation of the radio frequency identification (RFID) system for oil and gas equipment is offered by the Perm Oil Engineering Company (PKNM) jointly with Growth Horizons company. RFID tag enables to read the mechanical properties of the drill pipe, track all the operations performed with it, the history of repairs, and its location. Later in March, the project along with other innovative proposals of the PKNM will be presented to the vertically integrated giant Surgutneftegaz.

The oilfield service and oil producing companies need to implement electronic passports and equipment control using RFID tags drives Russian equipment manufacturers’ desire to develop and supply such systems.

PKNM establishes RFID tags in the equipment with the upload of information about each product to the portal with reference to the label. Go-Base is the base of electronic passports, accounting and technological maps of repairs, where a unique number can track the individual history of the object. Further, the equipment buyer uses the Go-RFID solution, which allows to increase the inter-service life and the overhaul period of the drilling equipment life. Go-RFID integrates with 1C, SAP and other enterprise management systems.

“No matter how deep is the stamping of the pipes, during the drilling process, the numbers are gradually erased from the surface of the pipes, after which the drilling company is having difficulty with tracking the status of its equipment funds,” - explains Vladimir Zharennikov, PKNM Managing Director, - “An RFID tag is a programmed chip that is screwed into a blind threaded hole on the surface of the object, it can withstand high temperatures and aggressive environments. It is produced for a specific customer, as it carries information about the metal, the manufacturer and other original data. In the process of equipment operation, drilling companies record in the special programme all operations: inspections, repairs, etc. The operator with the help of a special reader can determine the current state of the pipe by radio frequency tags.”

“We are very pleased that yet another manufacturer of equipment joins the Go-Base service. This will enable the customer operating equipment save a bulk of money due to the fact that the RFID tag is installed in their equipment and the customer receives a complete structured electronic passport for the product, - Commented the Growth Horizons Commercial Director Dmitry Tokarev.

New products are already in demand by oilfield services and vertically integrated oil companies and will be presented in March to the potential customers in Surgutneftegaz. For this purpose, the PKNM and Growth Horizons
Created exhibition samples with established RFID tags.


Created in 1993, the PKNM group of companies combines LLC PKNM-Ural, manufacturing equipment for drilling and oil production. PKNM Ltd is marketing subsidiary.

"PKNM-Singapay" and "PKNM-Poikovsky" are Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District - Yugra based subdivisions, while "PKNM Service" is and Krasnokamsk based they all are providing inspection and maintenance of drilling equipment for the oil companies.

A separate division PKNM-Sterlitamak, is Republic of Bashkortostan based, it is engaged in the inspection and maintenance of the downhole sucker-rod pumps.

LLC "Geoplast-PKNM" was added to the structure of the group of companies in February of 2016 in order to develop new generation telemetric systems. The company works in partnership with Russian vertically integrated giants Rosneft, EDC group, PJSC Lukoil.