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27-10-2016 15:21


The 23 units of large equipment has been already mounted at the ZapSibNeftehim pyrolysis complex construction site in Tobolks, Western Siberia. Out of them are 16 technical columns, 2 reactors, two heat exchangers and four parts of the compressor.

Among the mounted large scale vessels - two very long and heavy columns for the propane fractioner (each column 106m long with a diameter of 8.5meters and weighing 917 t). they also mounted pyrolysis water washing column, the primary fractionation column, an absorber column, separating a gas mixture into components by dissolving the components of the mixture in the absorbent. They also mounted columns of the de-ethanizer required to remove methane and ethane, from the liquid phase. Also, they mounted gasoline stabilization column and others.

"All 58 units of large-scale equipment arrived in the industrial port of Tobolsk during the summer navigation 2016, - stated Roman Maksimov, Head of Land Transportation of outsize cargoes division, - until the end of the year another 13 units of large-sized column equipment will be installed at the construction site, including the 4 columns, as well as compressors , heat exchangers, tanks, turbines and condensate."
The equipment arrived to the Tobolsk industrial port from South Korea via the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic and Arctic oceans, then via the rivers Ob and Irtysh.


"ZapSibNeftehim" will be the largest modern petrochemical complex in Russia. The project involves the construction of a pyrolysis capacity of 1.5mn t of ethylene, about 500,000 t of propylene and 100,000t of butane-butylene fraction (BBF) per annum, plants for the production of various grades of polyethylene and polypropylene total capacity of 2mn t a year.

The project is focused on the development of deep processing of significant volumes of oil and gas by-products of Western Siberia, including associated gas, and import substitution of the most popular on the Russian market types of polymers. "ZapSibNeftehim" will be part of the Tobolsk industrial platform that combines already running production of monomers and polymers.