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18-08-2016 11:18


Ukraine’s oil fuels retailer Autotrans along with the Italian partners of the company Autogas Italia continues to introduce in Ukraine a world-class innovation in the field of the auto gas systems equipment . The two companies work together more than 5 years and over this period of time they implemented a number of projects that can be considered significant for the Ukrainian market.

Autotrans having the status of the exclusive representative of the Autogas Italia LPG equipment on the territory of Ukraine has already achieved considerable success. Over a year ago Ukrainian and Italian partners have converted to dual-fuel operation three trucks namely DAF (Euro - 3), MAN (Euro - 3 ) and Mercedes (Euro - 3), which successfully operated ever since, and demonstrated high savings levels (100km saves UAH103 (about $4) and the equipment fully pays off in 68,000km).

On 17 August 2016 on the basis of the workshop for installation of the autogas equipment in Poltava Autogas held the third Ukraine’s seminar on installation of the LPG equipment. The event brought together representatives from 17 cities of Ukraine, and the geography of representation covers half the territory of Ukraine (Dniepropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Zhytomyr, Zaporizhia, Cherkassy, Kiev, Chernigiv, Sumy, Odessa and Kherson regions). Also, this time the seminar was attended by the representatives of the largest agricultural companies in Poltava region and other regions of Ukraine. The main designer and founder of the Autogas Italia company Walter Madreperla traditionally moderated the seminar.

The seminar attendants witnessed unique event of the first in Ukraine LPG driven tractor presentation. Partners of the project from agro-holding Astarta-Kiev presented their tractor Fendt for adding the LPG engine. Together, the specialists of " Autotrans " and " Autogas Italy " have carried out the installation of equipment and conducted field testing. The results this renovation project have satisfied both installers and customers. After all, as a result of the conversion they achieved the replacement of diesel fuel with liquefied gas in the main modes of operation at 20%. The level of saving is between UAH19.1-39.3 UAH /hectar ($0.76-$1.57/hectar), depending on the type of the field operation.

Such alterations bear no technical risks, and do not change radically the structure of the engine, i.e. transport can not only work on diesel fuel, but also in a two fuels mode. The company Autogas Italia has acquired considerable experience in the conversion of agricultural equipment in the different countries of the World. According to Walter Madreperla, foreign farmers have long realized the benefits of this conversion and successfully operate agricultural machinery on LPG.

During the second part of the seminar Autogas Italy presented to the installers of LPG equipment the latest software, technical innovations in equipment and technical features of various autogas systems modes.

The workshop organizers managed to gather a unique group of experts-installers of the auto gas systems from different cities of Ukraine (totally 35 experts) . Given that with each subsequent workshop the number of participants grows, the equipment " Autogas Italy " is rapidly gaining popularity in different cities of Ukraine due to its technological excellence and reliability.

This was significant event for Ukraine as such innovations carry significant benefits for the local farmers. The use of the LPG as an alternative fuel will reduce the cost of fuel and lubricants expenditures, and hence reduce the cost of Ukrainian agro products, increasing their competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets

At the same time proposed alterations bear no technological risks, while the cost pays off withinone season. This is important today , when only advanced technologies can provide sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

More information on the conversion of agricultural machinery can be obtained from the Autotrans auto gas systems installation department, cell +38- 050-405-10-95