international magazine
11 / 2007

Volgoneft-139 spills in the Black sea

Officers in the Ukrainian Emergency Situations Ministry clean up fuel oil along the seacoast of the Tuzla sea point near Crimea on Tuesday 13 November 2007. The ministry reported that on 13 November, two oil slicks 1 km long and 200 meters in width were sighted in the Azov Sea and noted birds were dying in the oil spill along the shore. Despite the cleanup operations underway, the oil was already setting to the bottom of the sea, threatening fish. The Kerch strait is the main thoroughfare for fish migrating from Black Sea to the Azov Sea. Besides the danger of fuel oil, sulfur is threatening wildlife seven tonnes is lying on the sea bed. On Sunday, 11 November, a storm at the Kavkaz port broke the Volgoneft-139 oil tanker. About 3,000 tonnes of fuel oil spilled into the water.