international magazine
10 / 2007

Hospitable Swedes on French Riviera

The lilac twilight settles gently over Monaco's golden lights enhancing the luxury of the kingdom immersed in greenery and flowers. The relaxing panorama caresses the eyes and a light breeze from the sea entices the heart like an elixir of freedom. Hugging his spouse, oil trader Nikolay Vasilevych from land-locked Belarus takes in the view of the Riviera from the Vista Palace observation deck. Holding the traditional Nordic Storage conference here on the Riviera gives Nikolay and his wife Yelena and a few dozen other representatives from various oil holdings, consulting agencies, and transport and trading companies invited here, a chance to spend their time very productively. Recollections of meetings and discussions held here intertwine with the rich emotional fabric of every minute spent in this fairy-tale place.