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08 / 2007

The anti-flare march — 2
Associated gas recycling: liberalisation or usurpation

On 6 August, Russian President Vladimir Putin conducted a meeting on developing the oil&gas sector with ministers and the leadership of Transneft, Rosneft and Gazprom. The topic of recycling associated gases has long been a challenging task, which the country was unable to solve since the 1970s. «We can no longer put off solving this old problem — the very minimum assessments show, now we burn more than 20 bcm of associated gas a year. That kind of waste is intolerable», Putin said at the meeting, «Some participants are looking at me. I know they burn a lot, too». The President said, a monitoring system needed to be put in place along with tougher environmental fines and more strict licensing demands. «We need to create conditions under which it is profitable to work in this direction. Today, flaring is profitable. And so they use flaring», he said. Putin requested to inform him on developments in this direction.