international magazine
11 / 2004


Yulia Timoshenko, one of the key players in Ukraine's «Orange revolution», was in the media spotlight during November and December 2004. The former «gas princess» of Ukraine aroused mixed feelings in camps of supporters and opponents alike by shrugging off the insults while demonstrating phenomenal grip on the events and the ability to consolidate hard-working professionals for achieving her objectives. There is no doubt that if Victor Yuschenko wins the Presidential race, Yulia Timoshenko would become one of the major players in the new Ukrainian government, possibly even the Prime Minister. What will be the impact of this scenario on Ukraine’s fuel and energy sector development, Ukraine's relations with its neighbours both from the CIS and the EU, the plans on Russo-Ukrainian gas consortium, sustainability of oil and gas transit shipments, and future of Russia's investments in Ukrainian energy sector, all those questions seem to be most intriguing following tectonic power shifts in Kyiv. The time will tell.