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02 / 2015

Dr Gennadiy Alexandrovich Tarassov, LLP engineering company KAZGIPRONEFTETRANS, Managing Director of Innovations

Kazakhstan leading oil and gas engineering company KAZGIPRONEFTETRANS (KGNT) Managing Director of Innovations Dr Gennadiy Tarassov celebrates in 2015 60 th anniversary! OILMARKET magazine and KGNT for many years developed sustainable partnership. We witnessed KGNT dynamic development and its turning from a solid soviet style research institute into the modern international oil and gas engineering business. This transformation was particularly obvious over the past several years, when KGNT new managing director Dr Fuad Serikov lead the company. Over the span of many years, we also could see Dr Tarassov's tireless, diligent, painstaking effort, often unseen by strangers, helping to organize the company development. A team player by definition, humble and ambitious, strong and focused, Dr Gennadiy Tarassov worked hard fulfilling one project after another! On 23 January 2015 KGNT held in Almaty with support of the Energy Ministry, KazMunaiGaz and Kazenergy association a high level international conference «Integration of modern process solutions and standards in oil and gas industry».