international magazine
02 / 2004

Urals Fuel Union: uniting for quality and growth

«Ural Fuel Union» (UTS), an association of independent fuel retailers, was registered in November 2003 in Yekaterinburg. As of February 2004, the association engulfs 18 companies: AtomProm-Oil, BVB, Berezovsk-Benzoservice, Barkhan, Ural Rennaissanse, EDIAR, Yekaterinburg Autocentre, Leon, Prima Enterprise, Istok, Era, Texas Hermes, Ural-Oil, Ural-Magma, UralBusinessNeft, Yava-AZS-Service, Yekaterinburg- benzin, and Ural-Farmer. The members of the union control totally 101 petrol stations, retailing an average of 15,000 tonnes of oil products per month, which accounts for over 20% of the market in the Sverdlovsk region. Mr. Sergey Shiyan was elected as the CEO of the association. OilMarket met with Mr. Shiyan — the resulting interview is offered to your attention.