international magazine
02 / 2004

Heavenly attraction
Radical changes are afoot on Ukraine's jet fuel market

The aviation segment of the Ukrainian motor fuel trade always was the most enigmatic and elusive conrer of the market.. The main reason the military-industrial complex which for years was main consumer of jet fuel and its secrecy, . Today the situation is largely different. The secrets of the Ukrainian military complex fade away, giving space to civil aviation and those wishing to cater for this respectable transport. Over the past three years Ukraine's jet fuel market stepped on the road of de-monopolisation. Instead of a single producer and distributor, the market is shared by three companies, biting large bits off the share of the former monopolist. However, while monopolisation in jet fuel distribution sphere was simple to overcome, the necessity of quality changes in bunkering infrastructure and in correlation of oil companies with airport operators is not so easy to tackle.