international magazine
01 / 2014

On the treshold of the Third industrial revolution in Kazakhstan engineering

In his January Address to the Nation titled «Strategy «Kazakhstan-2050» Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized that «the humanity is facing the 3rd industrial revolution changing the very concept of «production». Technological discoveries change root-and-branch global markets structure and needs. We live in the different technological reality and have to be actively involved in these processes». «KAZAKHSTAN ENGINEERING COMPANY «KAZGIPRONEFTETRANS» (KGNT) is currently both actively engaged in Nazarbayev's 3rd industrialization programme and is the country's flagship engineer. In KGNT's contemporary understanding, engineering is a complex of services including pre-investment feasibility studies; viability and feasibility assessments; front-end engineering and project documentation, draft and detailed project design, overall plot plan; conditions and assessment of offers for equipment procurement, engineering, construction and other related work and services; organization of tenders for procurement, engineering, construction and other related work; equipment production supervision, processes and prototypes laboratory and experimental improvement, their practical elaboration and the planned investment substantiation; as well as engineering and design supervision, further services, construction consultations aimed at ensuring maximal project performance in compliance with the urban planning and technical regulations, conditions and requirements of the state standards and recommended practices, aimed at meeting the state, social and individual interests, providing favorable and safe living conditions, ensuring sustainable operation of the designed objects.