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10 / 2010

Roman Khomenko: Bashneft plans to sell up to quarter of our output via own retail

In April 2009, Moscow based AFK Sistema completed acquisition of a number of fuel and energy assets in Russia's south Urals autonomy of Bashkortostan. This was followed by serious reshuffle in Bashkortostan base vertically integrated Bashneft, previously controlled by president Rakhimov family. In particular, those transformations involved serious efforts applied to develop Bashneft's retail chain in different regions of Russian Federation. Today Bashneft's retail chain grows steadily, first of all, via the newly developed jobbers programme. Bashneft's vice presidenr for retail and logistics Roman Khomenko told OILMARKET about the what is Bashneft's retail chain today, how efficient was the company operation in 2010 first half of the year and what are the company development plans for the nearest future.