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OilMARKET 03 / 2012
Novatek 2020: breath-taking prospects of tapping RussiaNovatek 2020: breath-taking prospects of tapping Russia's North hydrocarbon potential
Russian Novatek chief financial officer Mark Gyetvay's presentation was one of the most spectacular reports of the 98th annual IP week conference in London organized by the British Energy Institute in February 2012. The striking drive and scope of the company's projects, developed by such devoted experts as Gyetvay, made a lasting impression on the conference participants.

Mark Gyetvay, Novatek Chief Financial Officer Some personalities are highlighted with tremendous ability of driving by iron fist huge projects to success through the ice of highbrow skepticism, disorderly rabble of ignorance and the ranks of foes jaundiced by the envy to the obvious talent. We find Mark Gyetvay, Russia's largest independent natural gas producer Novatek Chief Financial Officer obviously being one of such renowned individuals. Passion and energy he invests in Novatek's projects in Russia's Artic are breathtaking. The noble scale of those projects bears the charge of Peter the Great.
Ukraine: setting new fuel and energy sector priorities, heading energy self-sufficiencyUkraine: setting new fuel and energy sector priorities, heading energy self-sufficiency
Ukraine's 3rd annual international Energy Forum organized by Adam Smith Conferences in Kyiv on 27 February-1 March 2012 once again brought together a number of leading Ukrainian and foreign production, service, engineering and R&D companies to analyse market trends and answer topical industry development issues. The event had as well redefined the outlooks on tapping Ukraine's shale gas deposits.
RussiaRussia's Yamal-Nenets autonomous district economic development outlooks
The scope of Russia's Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District (YNAD) future economic development is first of all driven by the enormous hydrocarbon and other reserves deposits, favourable geographical location, human resources, accumulated infrastructure and technological potential. Some 4% of the country's population resides in YNAD occupying 4.5% of Russian territory. About 1/3 of Russia's energy resources and 1/4 of natural gas reserves are concentrated there.
Sorting out refining prioritiesSorting out refining priorities
Globally competitive refineries
A well-established Latvian retail and wholesale trading operator Dinaz holding plans on developing its own 120,000b/d refining complex in Daugavpils (Latvia) is currently a matter of common knowledge among many industry experts.
Ambitech Generation: timely partnershipAmbitech Generation: timely partnership
American based Ambitech Engineering Corporation and Russian based IG Generation inked an agreement on 15 February 2012. This joint venture was established to effectively fulfill ambitious turn key projects, as needed today in Russia. The documents signed paved the way for development of the new company Ambitech-Generation International Engineering (AGIE).
Incotec Cargo shipped 5,000t petchem equipment consignment to SerbiaIncotec Cargo shipped 5,000t petchem equipment consignment to Serbia
Russia's St. Petersburg-based shipping company Incotec Cargo successfully fulfilled in 1Q2012 the contract signed with Russia's Uralkhimmash (refining and petchem equipment producer). The company had delivered more than 5,000 freight tons of outsize equipment for Serbian NIS' 96,000b/d Pancevo refinery undergoing modernization operated by Russia's Gazprom neft.

KLO fuel retail operator: keeping up with «fashion» trendsKLO fuel retail operator: keeping up with «fashion» trends
Ukraine's Kyiv-based retail operator KLO running 57 outlets primarily in Kyiv as well as in Kyiv, Zhytomyrska and Cherkasska regions sponsored a designer clothes line for its service staff. The collection was created by the renowned Ukrainian couturier Victor Anisimov and was presented on 14 March 2012 in Kyiv as a part of Ukrainian Fashion Week show.
UK forecourt network numbers continue to fallUK forecourt network numbers continue to fall
The latest Retail Marketing Survey, conducted by the Energy Institute (EI), shows that the number of forecourts in the UK continued to decline over the past year, falling to just 8,480 sites — down from 8,892 outlets in 2010. This is compared to 1967's all-time high of 39,958 forecourts.
Venturous BerthaVenturous Bertha
The back story of the world's first filling station in German's Wiesloch city pharmacy
Germany is globally famous for a number of renowned inventors, philosophers, musicians and scientists. German feminists Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg had, for example, inspired the celebration of the International Women's Day, worldwide observed and beloved holiday of beauty and spring. Perhaps, the story of the world's first filling station would be an eye-opener for many.
SGS: keeping up with LPG transit paceSGS: keeping up with LPG transit pace
The year of 2011 made us all witness dynamic growth of transit LPG shipments via Ukraine, which increased 11.3% to 2.831mn t. Sea and overland transit accounted respectively for 1.51mn t and 1.321mn t, shipped from Russia and Kazakhstan. Along with sea shipments via Odessa and Ilichivsk, a considerable share of this transit (17%) accounted for Kerch sea port.
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