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OilMARKET 02 / 2012
New frontiers, new business environment, new opportunitiesNew frontiers, new business environment, new opportunities
The 98th IP week conference of the Energy Institute started on Monday, 20 February, with delegates welcomed by CB HonFEI, President of Energy Institute Joan MacNaughton, who also chaired the plenary sessions.
The 98th IP week closed in LondonThe 98th IP week closed in London
Vibrant International Petroleum Week closes with a call for new recruits
Over 2,000 oil and gas professionals from around the world gathered in London from 20 till 22 February 2012 for International Petroleum (IP) Week. They came to hear from senior energy industry figures, participate in one of the leading fora for the oil and gas sector, and share knowledge and experience through the many networking opportunities on offer. Highlights included keynote addresses by UK Energy Minister, Charles Hendry, and by Bob Dudley, Group Chief Executive, BP.
British upstream worriesBritish upstream worries
As not only one of the biggest events in the global oil and gas industry, but also UK's biggest industry forum, the IP week provides a ground for discussing British oil and gas sector problems. Andy Brogan from Ernst & Young offered a pretty comprehensive outlook of the country's oil and gas production future in the context of growing international competition for investment funds.
Jonathan KollekJonathan Kollek's practical advises
Russo-British TNK-BP vice president of sales, trading and logistics Jonathan Kollek came as one of the key speakers of the Russian & Arctic session during the second day of the IP week
Vladimir Kapustin: RussiaVladimir Kapustin: Russia's refiners should take major efforts in 2012-2014
The year of 2011 was quite tough for Russia's oil refining industry. It struggled its way through the unprecedentedly stormy waters finding itself at a kind of a crossroads where it had to shatter some illusions and to cease subsidized fuel oil exports, subversive and «dead-end» practice for the industry's future development. The year was noticeable for the new turbulences on Russia's motor fuels market signalling the urgent need to enhance the country's refining efficiency. OILMARKET met with Dr Vladimir Kapustin, general director of Russia's leading O&G engineering company VNIPIneft, to sum up the outcomes of 2011 and to outline the top-priority objectives for 2012 and the longer-term perspective.
EU refining: Petro-minusEU refining: Petro-minus
In the end of January one of very big crude exporters from the former Soviet Union received payment denial from the bank, after having loaded regular cargo from the Black Sea area for the EU end-user customer. They were quite understandably annoyed, not realizing yet, that they become part of decisive stage in EU refining history.
USA became net oil products exporter in 2011USA became net oil products exporter in 2011
U.S. petroleum products exports exceeded imports for the first time in 60 years, as domestic production and refining efficiency grow
The USA became the net products exporter in 2011 for the first time since 1949, the country's Energy Department stated.
Russian government mounts penalties for gas flaringRussian government mounts penalties for gas flaring
Russia's government resolution «On measures stimulating reduction of air pollution with associated petroleum gas (APG) flaring products» took effect starting from the 1 January 2012. The step is aimed at forcing the country's oil companies either to invest in APG utilization or to pay fines recently increased almost 240 times.
Le Gaz Integral: turnkey capability and process expertise in sulfur removalLe Gaz Integral: turnkey capability and process expertise in sulfur removal
The natural gas becomes increasingly important commodity on the international hydrocarbons markets. The upstream sector in Russia and Kazakhstan over the span of several years in the last decade and up to our time are increasingly under pressure of urgent need to minimize flaring associated gas volumes, cleaning up available billions of cubic meters of precious hydrocarbons and utilizing them. OILMARKET met for Q&As with Dr Filippo Rossati from innovative French company Le Gaz Integral with a solid record of successful turnkey projects in gas treatment.
Ukragrotech: setting industrial safety as a top priority objectiveUkragrotech: setting industrial safety as a top priority objective
In December 2011, Ukraine's research and production company Ukragrotech marked its 12th anniversary — 12 years of expertise in the field of industrial safety.
An unloading device Ecoarm optimized unloading of crude oil in cold conditionsAn unloading device Ecoarm optimized unloading of crude oil in cold conditions
A well-known phenomenon at oil terminals in cold regions is that crude oil transported in railway cars can be too stiff to unload. To help solve this problem, Neste Jacobs has developed an unloading device called Ecoarm. It is a ready to use system that can be used as is or configured by combining top-unloading, bottom-unloading or top-warming technologies to meet clients' needs.
IndianOil enhances catalyst research with hte technologyIndianOil enhances catalyst research with hte technology
The high throughput experimentation (hte) company announced that IndianOil has decided to implement hte's parallel reactor technology to enhance its R&D efficiency in the field of oil refining.
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