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OilMARKET 04 / 2011
RussiaRussia's natural gas industry: international market positions, regional distribution and major producers
Natural gas industry is pivotal for Russia's economy and global energy supply. Russia is the world leading natural gas producer, having the largest reserves and resources, providing 21% of global output as well as supplying some 25% of global demand.
arriers for compressed natural gas: design study
Russia's Krylov shipbuilding research institute (St. Petersburg) developed a conceptual design of a compressed natural gas (CNG) carrier destined for operation in Russia's Arctic region.
U.S. GovU.S. Gov't agency plans $2.84bn loan for oil refinery-in Colombia
The U.S. Export-Import Bank, an independent agency of the US federal government, is planning a $2.84bn loan for a massive project to expand and upgrade a 78,000 b/d oil refinery in Cartagena, Colombia.
Sibur: LPG output growthSibur: LPG output growth
Russia's government and operators face LPG production growth challenges
Russian giant petrochemical operator Sibur marketing director Olga Zhilina outlined the top priorities of Russia's LPG market for the period till 2020 speaking at Argus conference in Moscow. The importance of her forecast can hardly be over-estimated as Russia's LPG output is slated to double to 21.3mn tpa in 2020 (from 10.5mn tpa in 2010).
Rare-earth free catalyst by Grace DavisonRare-earth free catalyst by Grace Davison
Grace Davison launched in the 1Q2011 serial production of the REpLaCeR(tm) rare-earth metal free and low content catalysts. The catalysts had been developed in 2010 in response to the rear-earth metal prices increase. These catalysts either incorporate the Z-21 zeolite or the newly developed, state-of-the-art Z-22 zeolite, a rare-earth free zeolite prepared using a proprietary stabilisation process and a unique treatment step to boost acidity.
PiroKhimika introduced innovative fire-extinguishersPiroKhimika introduced innovative fire-extinguishers
Starting from 2011 Russia's PiroKhimika trade house (Moscow) is promoting an unparalleled autonomous fire-extinguisher. The device incorporating thermo-active micro-capsular AST fire-fighting agent is destined for the fire outbreak protection in the small-sized electricity, control and lock boxes, switchboards and sockets.
OneWireless Implementation at PetroChina Tank FarmOneWireless Implementation at PetroChina Tank Farm
Honeywell's OneWireless and Experion Process Knowledge systems including wireless pressure transmitters, mobile work station and wireless valve positioners were successfully implemented in 2010 at PetroChina's Northwest Sales Center Xigu Oil Tank Farm.
New remote corrosion diagnostics complex from MolniyaNew remote corrosion diagnostics complex from Molniya
Starting from 2011, Russia's Gazpromtransgaz natural gas pipelines operators in Nizhniy Novgorod, Chaykovskiy and Tomsk (Gazprom Group) have been running Russian R&D Molniya's M-1 remote pipeline corrosion diagnostics complex developed in 2010.
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