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OilMARKET 03 / 2011
Arctic offshore projects: outlook and potential problemsArctic offshore projects: outlook and potential problems
Arctic hydrocarbon resources development provides substantial basis for offsetting production decline coming on the wave of conventional regions' deposits depletion. US Geological Survey estimates had proven considerable Arctic offshore hydrocarbon potential and earmarked Russia's west Arctic region as the most perspective one.
Ambitech: clever solutionAmbitech: clever solution
Today's refinery situations developing in Russia and other former Soviet Union countries are very challenging fore refinery operators. Within very limited periods of time they have to complete a number of projects in order to meet higher quality standards. They also have to increase conversion in order to remain competitive both on domestic and export markets in terms of refining, export and retail margins. A number of never-done projects, lasting for 10-18 years, swelling budgets, and low refinery efficiency, make some of the local analysts believe, that Russia's, Kazakh, Ukraine's refineries are in vast majority unable to catch up the pace of international refining industry quality and efficiency dynamics. This sounds of course, as a very grim prospective, with multiple negative side effects for Russia's industrial and social development.
Long-term trends of RussiaLong-term trends of Russia's oil export, 2010 export overview
Crude oil and products are Russia's key commodities export to the international markets. Russia has always been one of the world's top exporters supplying currently 12-14% of global oil demand. Its crude oil and products net export increase comes on the wave of domestic demand stabilization and production growth.
Crude oil: the nanostructured soft matterCrude oil: the nanostructured soft matter
The cost of a crude oil barrel is indeed a factor influencing the nature, the growth rate and the prospects of the country's future technological development and modernization. Unfortunately, the actual crude oil structure issue has long been abandoned, although it is not just another trivial thing. Modern oil technologies require comprehensive and accurate integrated data and should be described in terms of the latest physical concepts, like those dealing with nanostructures developing in the open systems.
Brand new wastewater treatment method from KWI InternationalBrand new wastewater treatment method from KWI International
Russia's KWI International (St. Petersburg) summarized 3-years experience of applying new wastewater treatment method at Russia's 90,000b/d Khabarovsk refinery (Alyans, Khabarovsk region).
KODA offers new radar level metersKODA offers new radar level meters
Ukrainian-American KODA, authorized trade mission of VEGA Grieshaber KG (Germany), introduced in the second half of 2010 a new line of radar level meters VEGAPULS 60.
AVEVA offers cost-effective 3D modeling for modernization projectsAVEVA offers cost-effective 3D modeling for modernization projects
AVEVA, British information management solutions provider for O&G industry, expanded in March 2011 its laser scan portfolio with the next generation of 3D-modeling application enabling upgrade and revamp projects optimisation.
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