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OilMARKET 02 / 2011
The IP week 2011 highlightsThe IP week 2011 highlights
The 97th IP week organized by Britain's Energy Institute in London on 21-23 February came amid after effects of BP's, one of the elephants of the British economy, shocking 2010 Gulf of Mexico drama.
Indian medicineIndian medicine
BP joins reliance to develop Indian offshore natural gas fields
British vertically integrated giant BP continues worldwide efforts in order to beef up its upstream assets portfolio, following disastrous for the company loss of ground in North America.
RussiaRussia's oil and gas complex innovative development: problems, terms and outlook
Oil and gas complex (OGC) in Russia's economy and global power supply
Russia's government has to take certain substantiated long-term organizational and economic measures to make maximum use of its competitive advantages in terms of international labor division including considerable natural resources, substantial research, technological, industrial and workforce capacity, favorable geographical location and, foremost, cost efficient and developed OGC.
Gazprom: Shtokman project will include LNG developmentGazprom: Shtokman project will include LNG development
Russian natural gas giant Gazprom intends to make final investment decision this year in favour of the Shtokman gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) development project in the Barents Sea.
Fredrik Lilja: We plan to expand in the Baltic areaFredrik Lilja: We plan to expand in the Baltic area
2010 was a year of success and progress for Swedish Nordic Storage, one of the largest independent storage companies for petroleum products and petrochemicals in Europe. OILMARKET used an opportunity to ask several questions to the company CEO Fredrik Lilja.
Russia and Asia-Pacific countries: developing grounds for energy cooperationRussia and Asia-Pacific countries: developing grounds for energy cooperation
Russia is ready to make its contribution in the development of new Asia-Pacific energy cooperation format. That will enable APEC (Asia-Pacific economic cooperation forum) member states to diversify and safeguard stability of their energy resources supplies,» Vladimir Putin, Russia's Premier.
UkraineUkraine's Triada upgrades products loading control system at Lysychansknaftoprodukt
Ukraine's engineer Triada (Kharkiv) commissioned in December 2010 a $1mn upgrading track tanks loading control system project at TNK-BP's wholesale trader and retailer Lysychansknaftoproduct (LNP) tank farm (Ukraine, Lugansk region). The new meters installed at ten filling stands of ELIN loading rack made a huge improvement difference in measuring, accounting and batching accuracy as well as enhanced workers' safety.
RussiaRussia's MagiCrot introduced new coke drum inspection system
At the beginning of 2011 Russia's MagiCrot introduced a new coke drum inspection system for inner surface defects detection.
RussiaRussia's Korona-TEK introduced a new triplex plunger pump
Russia’s Korona-TEK (Samara), oil and gas equipment manufacturer, in 2010 launched production of the new triplex plunger pump UN 12,5/20L capable to operate with highly-inflammable liquids (crude, gasoline etc).
RussiaRussia's Cryogenmash launched production of new LNG plants
Russia's gas engineering Cryogenmash (Moscow region) inked an agreement with Chinese Chongqing Endurance Industry Stock Co., Ltd. to supply core process equipment for LNG plant with a 5 tonnes per hour capacity.
Albemarle updates refining solutionsAlbemarle updates refining solutions
In 2010, Albemarle introduced Low Rare Earth Technology (LRT) to minimize refinery operator expenses on FCC catalyst. Given the rapid escalation in rare earth prices, LRT products are economic alternatives for refiners to employ. Albemarle is positioned with unique FCC catalyst technologies, which have been incorporated into our LRT product line to maximize activity with minimal rare earth.
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