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OilMARKET 11 / 2010
KIOGE 2010: What is to be done in Kazakhstan?KIOGE 2010: What is to be done in Kazakhstan?
Dynamic crude oil and natural gas production growth remain some of the key driving factors behind Kazakhstan's economic growth. Amid a number of important issues raised at the 18th annual KIOGE 2010 forum in Almaty, uninterrupted hydrocarbons supplies to the international markets was one of the key topics as they remain one of the priorities of Kazakhstan's sustainable development. This issue was thoroughly highlighted in one of the most interesting presentations of the 18th KIOGE fair and conference, made by CERA's Russia and Caspian studies director Katherine Hardin.
The best investmentThe best investment
Vladimir Tretyakov, deputy general director, Belorusneft vertically integrated company.
No business leader in sound mind today can not expect sustainable development of his or her company without investing in their colleagues and specialists. We find this truth very well illustrated in Belarus vertically integrated company Belorusneft. Its transformation from a modest oil producer into successful vertically-integrated company with powerful retail chain, new business formats and development regions, — all this became possible after many years of investment in human resources!
Stability forum: the 5th annual conference KAZENERGY in AstanaStability forum: the 5th annual conference KAZENERGY in Astana
The fact that 5th annual conference KAZENERGY 2010 coincides (5-6 October 2010) with industrial conference and fair KIOGE 2010 in Almaty, is hardly a big news for many participants. This year thousands of participants and visitors of the two close in time events seemed to have developed philosophical attitude. Both events have high status and require attendance of those, who for many years work in Kazakhstan. Busy airport schedules, Boeings shuttling back and forth between the old and new capitals of Kazakhstan — the country has no problems with jet supplies!
Marine operations with construction of semisubmersible floating drilling rigsMarine operations with construction of semisubmersible floating drilling rigs
To develop its offshore area, Russia has to work out a whole complex of technical means and equipment including semi-submersible floating drilling rigs (SFDR). Russia’s Gazflot ordered the construction of two SFDR to run them on Shtokman field. However, taking into account a considerable shift of the time-frame for the development of this field, it was decided to use the constructed SFDR on Sakhalin Island. In this article, we offer our readers experience of marine operations implementation within the framework of this project.
SPE Russian Oil&Gas 2010: no easy fields left!SPE Russian Oil&Gas 2010: no easy fields left!
The 3th Russian Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Technical Conference and Exhibition «SPE Russian Oil&Gas» which took place on October 26-28, 2010 in Moscow gathered a record number of visitors.
UkraineUkraine's Oil and Gas 2010: A long way to recovery
Ukraine' s Oil & Gas 2010, 14th annual international industry fair and conference took place in Kyiv on 2-4 November. Unlike in 2009, when the government banned state authorities from taking part in the forum ostensibly for epidemic reasons, this year no flu epidemic influenced the agenda. The attendance in the exhibition and conference halls was high. More than 160 enterprises from 18 countries attended the event. National joint-stock company Naftogaz Ukrainy and exhibition company ACCO International organized the fair with the support of the Ukraine's ministry of fuel and energy.
Belorusneft: sound ambitions of state oil companyBelorusneft: sound ambitions of state oil company
When Ukraine's national oil and gas holding Naftogaz Ukrainy recently announced about its intentions to finally enter the country's motor fuels retail market, many observers welcomed this decision. Ukraine's motor fuels market is big, liquid and lucrative enough, as well as very competitive. For the country with the oil and gas sector as much developed and important as in Ukraine, many in the country believe, the arrival of a strong state muscle could become an important stabilizing factor. There is a very good example just next door, in the neighboring Belarus. During the recent 4th annual conference Oil refining and oil products exports in Belarus, held in Minsk on 18-19 October, OILMARKET used an opportunity to take closer look at Belarus state company, visit its retail facilities.
IMPA-engineering offered highly efficient mass-exchange equipmentIMPA-engineering offered highly efficient mass-exchange equipment
Mass-exchange is an important element of such integral stages of oil refining like rectification, absorption and extraction. The proper choice of internal equipment for the mass-exchange facilities has great importance and impact on the refining cost, as it determines the efficiency of technological facilities operation, namely, the output products volumes as well as energy consumption (circulated water, steam, fuel).
GPU-32 Ladoga-RP: the new generation gas pumping unitGPU-32 Ladoga-RP: the new generation gas pumping unit
In 2008, REP Holding (Russia) have purchased a license from GE Oil & Gas Company covering manufacture of MS 5002E gas turbine unit rated at 32MW called Ladoga 32.
Sinteco-Plus installed new floating roofs at Lukoil Odessa refinerySinteco-Plus installed new floating roofs at Lukoil Odessa refinery
Ukraine's Odessa based Sinteco-Plus supplied four aluminum flexible floating roofs AGP-1 for the crude oil and gasoline tanks at Lukoil's 80,000 b/d Odessa refinery. The company also operates their installation.
Emerson successfully automated Varandey oil export terminal in RussiaEmerson successfully automated Varandey oil export terminal in Russia's north
Closer to the 2010 year end, in November, Russian oil giant Lukoil confirmed successful six month of operation of the new environmental control and safety system at the company's Varandey terminal. Based on Emerson's design and vibration monitoring instrumentation the new systems raised efficiency of human resources use and safety standards. The start up of the new equipment was also made by Emerson.
New versions of AspenOne V7 softwareNew versions of AspenOne V7 software
Innovative software from Aspen technology simplifies and speeds up the processes of design, production and supplies.
Selas Linde offers efficient furnace solutionsSelas Linde offers efficient furnace solutions
Every day of down time at a refinery costs dearly to the shareholders. Selas Linde can offer a way to reduce such losses for any furnace project. Selas Linde GmbH (SL), with its head office in Pullach near Munich (Germany), as part of Linde Group which serves the industry for more than 128 years.
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