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OilMARKET 10 / 2010
Conference RRTC in Moscow: Aiming to the futureConference RRTC in Moscow: Aiming to the future
Russia's main refining forum marked 10th anniversary
RRTC 2010, an annual refining conference in Russia, took place in Moscow Grand Marriott hotel on 23-24 September for the 10th time. Launched in the beginning of the 21st century, the conference became the main industry forum in Russia and other republics of the former Soviet Union. Traditionally, the conference was organized by the EPC company lead by Colin Chapman.
Tough nut from Siberia or uncompromised drive for leadershipTough nut from Siberia or uncompromised drive for leadership
Andrey Kostyukov, first deputy general director Omsk based Dynamics company
Omsk based company Dynamics in Siberia is a well established manufacturer of control systems for the industry, including refineries. They equip refiners with world class state of the art systems. Today many agree that Russia's refining industry in the recent years entered the age of its renaissance. Many refineries invest in the new facilities, strive to improve the quality of the motor fuels. There is still a lot to be done in order to raise the motor fuels quality in Russia to the international standards, put aside tremendous challenges, the Russian refining industry is facing in terms of increasing its refining depth. Russian suppliers in this situation are often finding themselves shadowed by their western colleagues and competitors.
BlorusneftBlorusneft's European Dinosaurs
Today's success of Belarus state owned vertically integrated Belorusneft is rooted in long tradition of oil and gas condensate production in Belarus. What is more exciting is how over the last several years the company managed to transform into successful refiner, 460 (!!!) retail outlets operator and one of the primary regional suppliers of quality Euro-4, Euro-5 motor fuels and automotive quality LPG.
Australia can become the largest natural gas exporterAustralia can become the largest natural gas exporter
Australia can in the nearest time become world leading LNG exported due to the three large gas fields discovered on its shelf.
Lukoil intencifies exploration efforts on West African shelfLukoil intencifies exploration efforts on West African shelf
Russian vertically integrated giant Lukoil along with independent Vanco and state operators of Ghana GNPC (Ghana National Petroleum Corporation) and Cote d'Ivoire (Societe Nationale d'Operations Petrolieres de la Cote d'Ivoire) have drafted the programme of intensive exploration and appraisal wells drilling in West Africa.
Innovation  The key to SuccessInnovation The key to Success
Innovation is a change in the thought process for doing something, or the useful application of new inventions or discoveries. It may refer to an incremental or radical and revolutionary change in thinking, products, processes, or organizations. In economics the change must increase customer value, or producer value.
Omsk launched isomerization unitOmsk launched isomerization unit
Gazprom neft's Omsk refinery launched Russia's biggest isomerization unit
During the Russia's government oil and gas industry meeting, Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin via the video-conference launched newly built Russia's biggest naphtha isomerization complex Isomalk-2 at Gazprom neft's 380,000 b/d Omsk refinery.
KLO on the waterKLO on the water
Ukraine's retail chain KLO steps on the water to fill river boats
KLO is dynamically developing retail chain with 49 outlets in Kyiv and Kyiv region of Ukraine. They develop along various avenues of business, selling complimentary products and services at petrol stations, and now they turn to the fuelling business on the water. The numbers of small vessels and motor boats is steadily growing in Ukraine, so this segment of their business is bound for turning profit within next couple years, stated Andrey Perov, analyst of Upeco energy consulting company.
Shell to open a pit stop  in KievShell to open a pit stop in Kiev
Shell continues retail chain expansion in Ukraine
Shell, one of Ukraine's largest retail operators, readies to open its 161th outlets in Ukraine, on the busy city crossing Oleny Teligy avenue
Roman Khomenko: Bashneft plans to sell up to quarter of our output via own retailRoman Khomenko: Bashneft plans to sell up to quarter of our output via own retail
In April 2009, Moscow based AFK Sistema completed acquisition of a number of fuel and energy assets in Russia's south Urals autonomy of Bashkortostan. This was followed by serious reshuffle in Bashkortostan base vertically integrated Bashneft, previously controlled by president Rakhimov family. In particular, those transformations involved serious efforts applied to develop Bashneft's retail chain in different regions of Russian Federation. Today Bashneft's retail chain grows steadily, first of all, via the newly developed jobbers programme. Bashneft's vice presidenr for retail and logistics Roman Khomenko told OILMARKET about the what is Bashneft's retail chain today, how efficient was the company operation in 2010 first half of the year and what are the company development plans for the nearest future.
Belorusneft gears up to selling Euro-5 gasolineBelorusneft gears up to selling Euro-5 gasoline
Belarus largest retail operator Belorusneft plans to switch to Euro-5 gasoline sales from 1 November 2010, the company deputy general director Vladimir Tretyakov told OILMARKET in exclusive interview (pls read in the next issue of OILMARKET magazine).
Argus in Kyiv: A snapshot of EU downstream trendsArgus in Kyiv: A snapshot of EU downstream trends
Dr. Peter Caddy, Argus Media business development director, is internationally established expert on energy markets. His astute judgment and experience is one of the key driving forces behind Argus Media's tremendously successful transformation into the world leading supplier of energy prices and analyses.
Alain De Grove: LPG is no more a problem but a solution!Alain De Grove: LPG is no more a problem but a solution!
October 14-15 was marked by a first visit to Kiev made by the representatives of European LPG Association (AEGPL) headed by the President Alain De Grove. They were invited by the Ukrainian LPG Association. AEGPL President favored OILMARKET with his answers.
French Heurtey Petrochem solidifies its foot in Eastern Europe and former Soviet UnionFrench Heurtey Petrochem solidifies its foot in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union
French engineering firm Heurtey Petrochem (HPC) mounts efforts to establish its presence in the countries of the former soviet bloc. During 20082010 the company supplied refining heaters for a number of projects in Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia
KMPO in Tatarstan launched serial production of new NK38ST engineKMPO in Tatarstan launched serial production of new NK38ST engine
Kazan based KMPO in Russia's autonomy of Tatarstan gears up fulfilling contract with the natural gas giant Gazprom to supply four powerful engines NK38ST for the gas pumping station Vyaznikovskaya.
Selas Linde offers efficient furnace solutionsSelas Linde offers efficient furnace solutions
Every day of down time at a refinery costs dearly to the shareholders. Selas Linde can offer a way to reduce such losses for any furnace project. Selas Linde GmbH (SL), with its head office in Pullach near Munich (Germany), as part of Linde Group which serves the industry for more than 128 years.
Bespoke engines from Hungarian manufacturerBespoke engines from Hungarian manufacturer
Hungarian CG Electric Systems Hungary Zrt received this year ATEX certification to produce explosion protected engines of Exe, Exn and Exp types.
Dresser Wayne has upgraded its Global Star V fuel dispenserDresser Wayne has upgraded its Global Star V fuel dispenser
Dresser Wayne has announced in July that it has equipped its Global Star V fuel dispensers with a range of new functions. For example, now there is a possibility to connect several satellite stands to a single fuel dispenser. Moreover the new generation satellites are equipped with an LCD display.
Industrial Power Units upgrades drill rigs for OBKIndustrial Power Units upgrades drill rigs for OBK
Industrial Power Units will supply a set of diesel engine drives by the end of this year that are to be installed on Uralmash 3D-86 drill rig subject to refurbishment. The parties of the supply contract signed in July 2010 are Industrial Power Units and Orenburg Drilling Company. This will be the second supply of analogous equipment to Orenburg Drilling Company, for Industrial Power Units has already supplied the first set in mid-April 2010.
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