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OilMARKET 09 / 2010
Nikolay Yermolayev: Diversify to grow!Nikolay Yermolayev: Diversify to grow!
Latvian holding Dinaz, one of the largest retail operators in the country, with tank farms and loading terminals, is well known beyond the Latvian borders. The company has gained reputation of pushy and skillful trader, developing not only motor fuels supplies, but also other products too, including fuel oil, within the Baltic region as well as other areas of the former Soviet Union. The company plans to build a 120,000 b/d refinery in Daugavpils, Latvia, as well as loading terminal in the port of Riga. Analogous to other from projects, the company's plans come under criticism. OILMARKET met with Nikolay Yermolayev, General Director of the company, to discuss the company's development plans.
Kazakhstan-Ukraine: Oil transit summitKazakhstan-Ukraine: Oil transit summit
Ukraine and Kazakhstan have held in September an important economic summit, making an agreement for transit of 120,000 b/d (6mn t/y) of crude oil and supply of additional 40,000 b/d (2mn t/y) of Kazakh volumes for Ukraine's refineries. This will allow Ukrtransnafta, Ukraine's trunk oil pipelines operator, to earn additionally some $25-30mn/y. However, to start the transit shipments, Ukraine requires clearance from the Russian pipeline operator Transneft.. Kazakhstan relies to get the permission due to support of Ukraine in the negotiations held by Kazakhstan and Belarus with the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation.
Dr Vladimir Kapustin: We urge clients to hear what we suggestDr Vladimir Kapustin: We urge clients to hear what we suggest
Russia's refining sector development over the past decade went through a number of transformations, from former oil giant Yukos management slogans Send all crude for exports to the launch of big refining modernization projects at 280,000 b/d Perm refinery, 150,000 b/d TAIF refinery in Nizhnekamsk, 360,000 b/d Yaroslavl refinery and 360,000 b/d refinery in Ryazan. Scheduled for the 10 October 2010 launch of the new 140,000 b/d refinery in Nizhnekamsk in fact caps Russian refining industry development in the first decade of the 21st century.
Shukhrat Danbay: We see the efficiency of the state managementShukhrat Danbay: We see the efficiency of the state management
Over the span of 20 years of dynamic, and often aggressive privatization in the former Soviet Union, the private ownership is rather often believed to be the most efficient. Very few ones question it. However, let's not forget how efficient is Norwegian state companies operated development of the projects in the North and Barents seas. In the neighboring China state companies fulfill the most ambitious projects. State and private ownership interaction often requires ability to properly set up priorities of development, proper timing of management formats.
Exchanger enhancement technology boosts heat recovery at Russian refineryExchanger enhancement technology boosts heat recovery at Russian refinery
Russian oil giant Lukoil is using hiTRAN Thermal Systems from Cal Gavin to improve heat recovery from a hydrotreatment reactor. The retrofit has cut fuel consumption by US$ 233,000/y and made it possible to increase throughput in the future
Ukrtatnafta refinery: all as doctorUkrtatnafta refinery: all as doctor's prescribed
Ukraine's biggest refinery in geared up to the output of all gasoline volumes with improved characteristics
UkrTatNafta's 220,000 b/d refinery prepared in September trial volumes and received all necessary authorizing documents after having conducted all necessary for certification tests needed for the launch of newly designed gasoline blends with improved operational and environmental qualities.
Logical linkLogical link
Ukraine's Severodonetsky ORGHIM engineering company is actively developing its project design business
Modern refining and petrochemical sector is indispensable without efficient and qualified engineering. The enterprises of the former Soviet Union states are currently actively implementing projects of construction of hydrocarbons deep refining units utilizing the technologies and equipment supplied by the world's leading companies.
Ambitech: We can bring turnkey experience to the FSUAmbitech: We can bring turnkey experience to the FSU
OILMARKET reporters is not the kind of team to miss an opportunity of having an interview with the likes of Allan Koenig, CEO and owner of Ambitech Engineering, US company with rich experience of multiple successful projects in refining and petrochemical sector, as well as in many others.
Yulia Tskhvediani: While constructing refining facilities, one should apply certain intelligenceYulia Tskhvediani: While constructing refining facilities, one should apply certain intelligence
The development of Russian refining sector is currently at quite a difficult stage, because the sector tries to save the dynamical properties of the fat years, to implement modernization, and to save the strategic priorities. However, it's not that simple to do that. OILMARKET could not miss the opportunity of discussing the current conditions of the huge oil sector of the former Soviet Union states with Yulia Tskhvediani who is a representative of the US company Ventech Engineers, global leader in development of modular refining, in Russia and the CIS states.
Avtotrans: sustaining strategic prioritiesAvtotrans: sustaining strategic priorities
Ukrainian market of propane-butane that had kept its dynamic properties even during the crisis year of 2009 have entered the turbid water of the monopolism and manipulations with household gas. Current conditions, when one can provide resources for himself purchasing them for cash at special auctions, are even profitable for small companies.
Selas LindeSelas Linde
offers efficient furnace solutions
Every day of down time at a refinery costs dearly to the shareholders. Selas Linde can offer a way to reduce such losses for any furnace project. Selas Linde GmbH (SL), with its head office in Pullach near Munich (Germany), as part of Linde Group which serves the industry for more than 128 years.
Vitaliy Sysoy: we are for the long term partnershipVitaliy Sysoy: we are for the long term partnership
French company CarboVac is no newcomer on the markets of the former Soviet Union states. The company combines advanced technical solutions with an ability to understand the local culture of technical management. One of the steps confirming that CarboVac pays high attention to the upper mentioned aspect is the fact that in the height of the crisis in early 2009 it set up an affiliate in Moscow, CarboVac Vostok.
DeltaV 11: enhanced automation system from EmersonDeltaV 11: enhanced automation system from Emerson
Depending on certain on-site operation conditions, sometimes it is necessary to use control and measuring instruments with both 4-20mA signal, and Fieldbus or WirelessHART. Regardless of signal type, the DeltaV 11 release provides easy connection of smart instruments, i.e. automatic identification, diagnostics, and configuration. With these features, you do not need to use traditional marshalling cabinets, so it enables reducing the scope of cable routing and installation works by two thirds. In addition, implementation of Human-centered Design has made DeltaV more user-friendly.
Oleg Pozdnyakov: At the age of revolution, one shouldnOleg Pozdnyakov: At the age of revolution, one shouldn't move at slow pace!
Presently, there is a real revolution happening in the field of developing of solutions for automation of production facilities, control and financial activities. This is especially relevant for the oil and gas sector that has long ago strengthened its position on the world market. OILMARKET had an interview with Oleg Pozdnyakov who answered some questions concerning automation of the branch.
Heurtey Petrochem to build marine oil spills recovery unitHeurtey Petrochem to build marine oil spills recovery unit
Routine ship operations produce petroleum residues as ballast water, tank washing residues and other oil mixtures from engine rooms and bilge waters. Today the estimation of illegal spilling oil is more than 10 mn tpa: more than 150 Prestige (2002) shipwrecks.
Elsib produced new engines for VSTO-2 pipelineElsib produced new engines for VSTO-2 pipeline
Russia's Novosibirsk based Elsib research and production company launched in September 2010 production of the new engine SDP-10-6300 2UKhL4-BVU for the 2nd stage of the Russia's pipeline monopoly Transneft Eastern Siberia- Pacific Ocean (VSTO) export pipeline.
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