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OilMARKET 06 / 2010
Exports of oil and oil products from Russia: directions, conditions and prioritiesExports of oil and oil products from Russia: directions, conditions and priorities
Russia is one of the world largest (along with Saudi Arabia) oil producer and exporter. Among the industries, oil sector is integrated into the world economy better than others, and it is of primary importance for the country's budget system. About 75% of the oil sector products is exported, the hydrocarbons export revenue comprising 60–65% of all export revenues of Russia.
Let my  people goLet my people go
Mykola Koshovets, chairman of the board, general director Severodonetsk Orghim, Severodonetsk, Ukraine
Established in 1960 Severodonetsky Orghim today turned in a modern engineering and consulting company. Born on the wave of the soviet chemical industry development, the company sustained the tough times in the 90-s, having retained markets, staff and expanded the range of services rendered to the clients. The company specialists launched hundreds of chemical and petroleum industry units in the former Soviet union, India, Germany, Cuba and other countries. Today the company is radically reforming its activity in order to survive as it will face ever mounting competition with western engineering companies even in its former back yards in Russia and Kazakhstan.
The Northern Sea Route: Revival StrategyThe Northern Sea Route: Revival Strategy
Over the span of last decade, the intensive development of oil and gas fields in the north of Russia have resulted in reestimation of the importance of the Northern Sea Route as a transportation route of Russia in the Arctic Region. This was the key issue discussed at the conference The Northern Sea Route: Revival Strategy that was held on 25 May at the President Hotel in Moscow.
Vladimir Volkov: BelneftekhimVladimir Volkov: Belneftekhim's 323,000 b/d Mozyr refinery starts production of Euro-5 petrols
OILMARKET has organized a meeting with Vladimir Volkov, Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry Belneftekhim, during the 7th annual conference Oil refining, transit and trading in CIS and Baltic states held on 17–18 June in Odessa. During the meeting, Vladimir Volkov has set out the priorities for development of Belarusian refining sector.
LNG underwater technologiesLNG underwater technologies
Development and implementation of LNG technologies with the aim to enhance the global energy security
One of the reasonable solutions for security of the global natural gas market is creation of an underwater system for production, cargo handling and transportation of LNG.
Multifunction level instrument Dresser 12400 SeriesMultifunction level instrument Dresser 12400 Series
Dresser Masoneilan announced on 25 January 2010 the availability of the 12400 Series, the first level instrument that integrates level transmitter, controller and switch functions in a single device. 12400 Series was designed for use in the refining and petrochemical.
Alkon implements a new tank construction technologyAlkon implements a new tank construction technology
Ukrainian reservoir construction and service company Alkon has performed works for construction and installation of 33 tanks with a total capacity of 18,746m3 during the period since 2006 till June 2011. The tanks were constructed at a newly built bioethanol fuel plant in Zolotonosha (Ukraine). According to the contract, by 2011 Alkon should construct 6 more tanks with a capacity of 3,050m3 and one fermenter with a design capacity of 2,200m3.
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