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OilMARKET 04 / 2010
Pavlodar refinery: getting ready for big workPavlodar refinery: getting ready for big work
In advance of the large-scale modernization, Pavlodar refinery has examined the facility and possible partners
The relevance of the conference was based on the strategic plans and operations aimed at development of Khazakstan's refineries. The participants of the conference named Pavlodar Refinery: development strategy and new possibilities (held on 1516 April) representing oil companies understood perfectly well that the large-scale projects to be executed by Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery in the coming years require good sense of purposes and aims of the scheduled events. They also need good interaction with KazMunayGas, its organization departments and affiliates.
Prophets in their own  land...Prophets in their own land...
Dr Alexander Shakun, Neftekhim Krasnodar General director
There's a widely shared myth about Russian character as something swinging from an arrogant faith in Russia's superiority and jingoism to miserable lack of spirit and even bitter envy to the other lands, described in Russian classic's Leskov Lefthander tale, when sick Lefthander repeats in affective delirium that the English never clean their rifles with crushed red bricks
A far reaching explosionA far reaching explosion
In this aerial photo taken in the Gulf of Mexico more than 50 miles southeast of Venice on Louisiana's tip, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig is seen burning.
The sea has been devided in twoThe sea has been devided in two
Norway and Russia reached agreement on marine border
We are deeply satisfied with the results of the negotiations held by the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev during his visit to Norway on 26-27 April with the Prime Minister of Norway Jens Stoltenberg. The main subject of the negotiations was delimitation of maritime boundaries in the Barents Sea, the so-called Grey zone.
The wonder of shale gasThe wonder of shale gas
Presently, the USA produces 15% of gas from rocks; in ten years, this share can increase up to 50%. On the heels of Americans, shale gas production is planned to be performed in Europe, China and Australia.
Lukoil extracts RussiaLukoil extracts Russia's first Caspian oil
First oil was extracted at the Yury Korchagin field in the Russian sector of the Caspian Sea, April, 28, 2010. Vladimir Putin, Russia's Prime Minister, took part in the commissioning of the field.
Vladimir Kapustin: without massive investments, the refining sector will lag even moreVladimir Kapustin: without massive investments, the refining sector will lag even more
We met with Dr Vladimir Kapustin, General Director of engineering company VNIPIneft in Moscow, were held within the framework of the oil refining and petrochemical industry conference that was conjointly held in mid April by Pavlodar Refinery and OILMARKET magazine. During the meetings, an interview with the manager of the leading engineering company of Russia was prepared.
Corrosion problems in primary distillation plantsCorrosion problems in primary distillation plants
Corrosion problems are the headache of many industrial sectors including the oil industry. Such issues are especially frequent in the process of refining of sulfur crude oils, when hydrogen sulphide and thiols are formed at high temperature of vacuum distillation, when high concentration of hydrogen sulphide, mercaptans etc. is observed in the process fluid circuit. During such processes, general crater wear takes place, as well as corrosion cracking and deposition of corrosion products inside the equipment.
Our house  Naftogaz plus Gazprom?Our house Naftogaz plus Gazprom?
Nikolay Azarov: if on equal terms, no problem!
The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, in an astonishing manner peculiar to him, suggested to merge Gazprom and Naftogaz of Ukraine. He made this announcement for journalists on 30 April following the results of Russian-Ukrainian negotiations held in Sochi. We have made a proposition for integration in the nuclear field. We can do the same for the gas sector. I suggest to merge Gazprom and Naftogaz of Ukraine, he said. Consequently, Gazprom expects to achieve a guaranteed route for supply of gas to Europe.
Nord Stream began in Portovaya BayNord Stream began in Portovaya Bay
In a symbolic welding of two pipeline segments, the construction phase of the pipeline project that will directly link Europe's energy grid to the world's largest natural gas reserves in Russia was officially launched. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and EU Commissioner for Energy G?nther Oettinger, and the Nord Stream consortium's shareholders from Russia, Germany and the Netherlands joined the ceremony.
Afghan debut of Miass Machine Building PlantAfghan debut of Miass Machine Building Plant
Miass Machine Building Plant supplies ConTECH-branded aluminum pontoons and dome roofs to Afgan companies, as well as for ESPO pipeline and oil trunk pipelines operated by Transneft.
Elastic inserts for elimination of oil spillsElastic inserts for elimination of oil spills
The issue concerning the refurbishment of old tank farms and bulk oil carrier tanks is of primary importance for Russia. In fact, most of the onshore bulk plants and multiple service stations are operated using obsolete single shell tanks of RVS (horizontal steel tank) and RGS (vertical steel tank) types, while marine and river transportation is performed using unsafe single hull tankers. A reasonably priced and effective solution was suggested by Research and Production Company Politehnica offering elastic shells that allow to avoid oil leaks both from tanks and bulk oil carrier tanks.
GM  to develop Jatropha for biofuels productionGM to develop Jatropha for biofuels production
General Motors and the US Department of Energy (DOE) have formalized a five-year partnership with India's Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute (CSMCRI), which is based in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, to develop jatropha as a sustainable biofuel energy crop.
Quadrise Fuels Expand Emulsified Fuels Activity to the Marine SectorQuadrise Fuels Expand Emulsified Fuels Activity to the Marine Sector
In March 2010 Quadrise Fuels International entered into a Joint Development Agreement with Danish A.P. Moller - Maersk to develop an MSAR oil emulsion fuel (see OM #08/2009 p. 54) suitable for the bunker market. Maersk is interested in this technology as the world's largest buyer of bunker fuel, which purchases about 10 million tonnes per year.
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