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OilMARKET 03 / 2010
Arctic, Shtokman and Russian-Norwegian cooperationArctic, Shtokman and Russian-Norwegian cooperation
Future problems with meeting energy demand in the wake of economic recovery turn huge resources of the Arctic shelf into the bone of contention for the Arctic area neighboring nations. By broad range of estimates Arctic continental shelf hydrocarbons deposits make up 20–25% of the total world resources.
Worrying about RussiaWorrying about Russia
Fredrik Lilja, Nordic Storage President
Ulf Vleeshouwers, the founder and president of one of the leading oil and chemical products storage terminals chain in the North West Europe Sweden's Nordic Storage stepped down last year to clear the way for the new President Fredrik Lilja. The company insiders then said it was an important moment of succeeding traditions of high quality service along the lines of corporate culture.
Fredrik Lilja: Imbalances in the global supply chain drive the storage marketFredrik Lilja: Imbalances in the global supply chain drive the storage market
Following the 2008-2009 steep downfall in the oil prices, their rally in the summer 2009, and never fading risks of volatility, economically efficient storage business becomes increasingly important in the oil products trade. OILMARKET magazine contacted Nordic Storage, Swedish company, one of the leading oil storage operators in the Baltic and NWE region, President Fredrik Lilja with a brief interview to see how the storage business in the region fares in the stormy waters of credit crunch.
Getting ready for Euro-2011Getting ready for Euro-2011
In line with Ukraine's plans of stepping up to the new motor fuels standards in January 2011, Ukrtatnafta's 240,000 b/d Kremenchug refinery added low sulfur diesel supplies to its portfolio.
GARO compressorsGARO compressors
Compressor and vacuum systems based on GARO liquid-ring compressors designed for recovery of associated petroleum gas and gas flare at oil refineries
Currently, about 35bn m3 of associate petroleum gas (APG) is produced in Russia, from which only 11 to 12bn m3 is refined, while the rest of the volume of low pressure gas is burned using field flares. In such a case, thousands of tons of emissions are produced. Besides, value products are destroyed, as far as APG contains high content of ethane, propane, butane, and other saturated hydrocarbons.
Flexible gas storage holders — recuperators for preventing losses of oil and oil productsFlexible gas storage holders — recuperators for preventing losses of oil and oil products
Emissions of hydrocarbon light fractions (HLF) at big and small breathes of storage tanks of oil loading terminals, petroleum storage depots and refueling stations result in significant losses both due to direct oil products losses as well as due to their degradation. And coming of HLF into atmosphere sharply deteriorate environmental situation where the storage tanks are located and causes serious threat for human health.
New generation oil pumps for coke production at oil refineriesNew generation oil pumps for coke production at oil refineries
Falling-off in many industries that occurred in the 90-s caused shutoff and temporary shut-downs of DCUs (delayed coking units) at many refineries in the former Soviet Union. As a result, the rise in petroleum coke demand over the last several years has been covered mainly by imports from China.
Multipurpose controller МIК-52Multipurpose controller МIК-52
Newly issued multipurpose controller МIК-52 of Ukraine based Мicrol opens new possibilities and raises efficiency of processes control at the refineries and other oil and gas industry facilities. For instance, one of the MIK-52 controllers was installed at the gas automatic conditioning and dehumidification unit control system at the compressor station КС-21 of Soyuz natural gas pipeline in July 2009.
Control valves with diagnostics functionControl valves with diagnostics function
Avoiding unexpected maintenance interruptions is a very important element of modern petrochemical and oil refineries.
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