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OilMARKET 12 / 2009
Victor YanukovichVictor Yanukovich
has ambitious to revise Ukraine's energy sector
Taking the job in Ukraine's president office Victor Yanukovich has ambitious plans to revive Ukrainian oil and gas production and refining. The latter one over the last five years halved from more than 400,000 b/d in 2004 to less than 200,000b/d in 2009. Apart from that, Yanukovich is determined to establish an international consortium for Ukraine's natural gas transportation system operation and development.
The winter of hopeThe winter of hope
Cold winter with massive snowfalls and blistering temperatures supported oil prices not only in Russia, but in many other countries. Unusually cold winter was one of the main reasons for the crude prices this winter reaching the levels almost twice higher that year ago and pretty much in line with the peak prices levels of summer automotive season in the USA.
International Award Winners Оil Terminal — 2009International Award Winners Оil Terminal — 2009
spreads wings
On 26–27 November 2009 London based Vostock Capital held in Saint Petersburg 4th annual industry forum OIL TERMINAL 2009. Growing crude oil and oil products shipments in the recent years, driven by the mounting energy consumption sparked competition of oil ports and terminals. New terminals construction and different ways of oil shipments competition raised a number of issues, many of them included in the agenda of OIL TERMINAL — 2009. Needless to reiterate how big interest this discussion sparked among the specialists of oil and gas complex, transportation and other related industries.
To Be The Number OneTo Be The Number One
In years to come, Regal Petroleum plans to become the largest private gas producing company in Ukraine. David Greer, company CEO, visited Ukraine at the end of November.
Sergey Koshelyuk:Sergey Koshelyuk:
Having sustainable crude supplies opens new possibilities in development
After two years of chronic feedstock shortages, Ukrtatnafta's 240,000 b/d Kremenchug refinery finally saw regular supplies of pipeline crude resume along the Pridniprovskiy pipeline in October 2009.
Pavlodar refinery:Pavlodar refinery:
The grand vista of strategic initiative
Built and commissioned at the end of the 1970s to satisfy growing industrial and agricultural motor fuel needs in Kazakhstan, the Pavlodar oil and petrochemicals refinery stands today on the threshold of a new stage in its strategic development. Economic conditions are completely different from what they were 30 years ago, but the key reason behind growth remains the same: Kazakhstan's domestic market and especially its strong industrial and agricultural north with its appetite for motor fuels.
A world class companyA world class company
At the beginning of the last decade, when it was unfathomable that oil could rise above $30/bbl, a small group of specialists at the Krasnodar company Neftekhim offered their new technology Izomalk to a number of refiners in the former Soviet Union.The fashion of relying on crude exports was still strong at the time, and export duties did nothing to stimulate oil product exports and there were few who believed in the Izomalk technology they were being offered…
Aiming for EuropeAiming for Europe
LPG transit via Ukraine mounts pace
For many years, the export of LPG to Eastern Europe served as a good bit of help for Ukrainian traders. After buying the resource on the domestic market, it could be sold abroad at a good profit. But the situation has changed significantly over the past three years. The dynamic growth in consumption and the resulting development of the internal LPG market led to Ukraine more frequently importing, rather than exporting, LPG.
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