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OilMARKET 11 / 2009
Prospects for the development of the oil and gas industry in Siberia and the Far East and forecasts for Russian oil and gas exports to the Pacific marketProspects for the development of the oil and gas industry in Siberia and the Far East and forecasts for Russian oil and gas exports to the Pacific market
The course towards diversification which is being conducted in the Russian oil and gas complex and primarily in Siberia and the Far East, as well as the organization of direct exports of oil and gas to the largest and best paying consumers on the Pacific market, adheres for the most part to long-term global economic processes.
Nikolay VasilevichNikolay Vasilevich
deputy general director, Beloil, Republic of Belarus
Expanding its presence on the Ukrainian market is set to be one of the key priorities in 2010 for the Beloil trading company from neighboring Belarus In November the information 'spilled' to the press about Nikolay Vasilevich, deputy general director of Beloil for finances and economic development, penciled to lead Ukrainian business of Beloil. Mr. Vasilevich is already familiar with many Ukrainian traders, as well as with industry reporters. This is not to mention him having a vast experience of sending oil products from Belarus refineries for exports.
Oil tankers carry fuel for NATO forces are set on fireOil tankers carry fuel for NATO forces are set on fire
Oil tankers carry fuel for NATO forces in neighboring Afghanistan, are set on fire by alleged militants in Much, near Quetta, Pakistan, Friday, Nov. 13, 2009. Attackers fired rockets at a group of tankers that were delivering fuel to U.S. and NATO troops. One driver was killed and five tankers were torched, local police chief told.
RussiaRussia's oil and gas complex scientific trends
As an element of the country's economy modernization
Russia's oil and gas complex is one of the fundamentally important sectors of the economy and plays a special role in providing for the country's energy needs. The most important task in government policy in terms of subsoil use is reproduction the raw materials base in volumes envisioned in The Energy Strategy of Russia until 2030. In light of the importance of the tasks facing the sector, Russian Academy of Sciences academician Dr Anatoly Dmitrievsky, the director one of the co-founders of the Oil and Gas Research Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences (OGRI RAS), kindly agreed to meet and answer several questions from OILMARKET magazine..
UkraineUkraine's sacred cow
Transparent or an apparition?
Who will privatise the Ukrainian gas transport system? The question crops up every autumn and winter. And just before an election, when the national mode of thinking heats up to an incredulous level, this issue attains the status of Ukraine's sacred cow.
Oil and gas during the plagueOil and gas during the plague
The annual industrial forum of Ukrainian oil and gas specialists took place with half-empty bleachers. Representatives of our magazine were some of the few to attend the exhibit.
Belarus prioritiesBelarus priorities
An industry event the Minsk conference Belarusian Oil Refining and Oil Products Exports: Prospects for Development and Economic Efficiency Conference, held 1617 November 2009 was rich in interesting presentations and key statements.
OILMARKET holds first UkraineOILMARKET holds first Ukraine's LPG forum!
The 1st Ukraine's LPG forum was held in Kyiv's Presidential Hotel by OILMARKET magazine on 1516 October 2009
The development of the LPG market in Ukraine is making great strides. After surviving the harsh winter of 20082009, operators on the market were able to improve and not merely retain their dynamics in growth. This was aided in no small part by the fact that the growing dependence of the Ukrainian gasoline market on long-term imports had made sales of the relatively inexpensive LPG a very attractive alternative.
New  generation electric drivesNew generation electric drives
Nanotechnology as a way of creating highly efficient equipment
A tremendous number of various pumps with electric drives from lower-power pumps for personal needs to trunkline pumps with power up to several MW are part of an oil pipeline. Currently, most pumps use asynchronous and synchronous drives. Wear on this equipment is generally over 60% in most industries. For example, the Russian oil and oil products pipelines operator Transneft requires today about 1,000 sets of electric drives to replace old ones.
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