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OilMARKET 05 / 2009
The story of one successful conversionThe story of one successful conversion
There is a paradoxical creative force in human flaws. Envy, fear, greed and vanity have often been a driving force behind projects destined to come to life in human history. Of course, it must be said that somewhere nearby, or even inside, all these projects there is open love and spiritual inspiration. Without this, nothing worthwhile ever grows in either good times or bad.
Vasyl DutchakVasyl Dutchak
Naftokhimik Prykarpattya Chief Engineer
Ukraine is living in strange times. The country finally gained the independence it has been seeking for centuries and more and more Ukrainian children are learning their native tongue in school, yet half the population of Ivano-Franskivsk Region which has always been seen as a bastion of national identity and statehood is living on wages earned in the European Union or even further away. The reason is plain the drop in industrial output. That makes it easy to understand the desire of those still at home in the Carpathians to preserve and develop refining at the Naftokhimik Prykarpattya refinery.
Tightening the belt for a trans-Eurasian leapTightening the belt for a trans-Eurasian leap
The Russian-EU summit in Khabarovsk: the energy security strategy
European commissioner Javier Solana, Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev and the chair of the European commission Manuel Barroso (left to right) synchronise their watches. On 21 May in Khabarovsk the Russia-EU summit began with an informal dinner. Later, the delegations sat down for official negotiations to discuss a full agenda, the leading point of which was cooperation to overcome the world crisis.
Pavel Beklemishev:Pavel Beklemishev:
The issue of local content is very acute
The dynamically-developing oil and gas sector in Kazakhstan has created the prerequisites for actively engaging various industries. Legislation envisions advantages for local manufacturers, which according to lawmakers and executives in the country, should boost financial support for developing Kazakh metalworking, heavy machine tooling and so on. In practice of course, things are not that easy. In an interview with the head of the Kazakhstan metalworking joint venture Byelkamit, our magazine touched on various aspects of the enterprise's work, including the Kazakhstan component of projects in the oil and gas industry.
En route of Nord StreamEn route of Nord Stream
The consequence of increased demand for gas and lower gas production within Europe has left the continent needing additional gas imports. The trunk pipeline Nord Stream will link Russia and the EU via the Baltic Sea. The new pipeline will supply natural gas to both enterprises and homes and will be an important factor in European energy security.
The ruin is all in their heads!The ruin is all in their heads!
Naftokhimik Prikarpattya demonstrated a wide front in modernisation work at the Nadvirna refinery
During a recent meeting of experts with the Ukrainian government on the topic of the oil and oil products markets, First Deputy Prime Minister Alexandr Turchynov made the unfortunate mistake of maligning western Ukrainian refiners. Specifically, he said there was complete ruin at Drogobych or Nadvirna and that oil was being refined in rusty, old equipment and that nothing was being done to modernize production at both facilities.
Deep refining of hydrocarbons in Russia during the world financial crisisDeep refining of hydrocarbons in Russia during the world financial crisis
The world financial crisis was not a newdiscovery in the 21st century there were crises before and there will be crises in the future. In the 20th century, leading economists and mathematicians tried to model the cyclical nature of economic crises in order to better predict them, even though long-term forecasts are a thankless task and the number of parameters in a model of the world's economic system makes it very difficult.
Galychyna: moving forwardGalychyna: moving forward
A shipment of new equipment arrived by rail to the Galychyna refinery in Drogobych (western Ukraine) at the end of May. The clients in Drogobych received two parts of a K-201 column to be assembled as part of a future gasoline hydrotreatment unit. Machine toolers from Chernovsty (Ukraine) needed six months to prepare the stripping tower.
A must-attend eventA must-attend event
On 23-24 April, Argus Media, the world's leading energy price information agency, held its fourth international conference ARGUS LPG 2009 in the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Moscow. It is impossible today to imagine any company involved in supplying LPG, gas condensate or liquified gasses to the CIS and neighbouring regions leaving this event off its calendar. This year the conference confirmed its position as a must-attend event.
Gazprom neft grips SibirGazprom neft grips Sibir
Gazprom neft has successfully made use of a complicated situation in Sibir Energy, a relatively small oil company operating in Russia. After a public offering, Gazprom's subsidiary purchased a blocking stake in the company from Sibir Energy minority shareholders and became the biggest co-owner in the company. If Gazprom neft manages to make a deal to buy out a stake from one of Sibir's large shareholders, it could take control of the company, a business with rather significant assets.
Ticket to HungaryTicket to Hungary
Surgutneftegaz inks an unexpected deal
Once again, Russia's most secretive oil company Surgutneftegaz has surprised everyone. Having never before tried to expand abroad, and having almost never been involved in large deal, the company unexpectedly acquired over 20% of Hungarian MOL at a price double current market quotes.
Providing reliability in gas suppliesProviding reliability in gas supplies
BASF will supply a large shipment of Sorbead silica gel for cleaning natural gas
BASFs Catalysts division will provide a total of 2,000 tons of its Sorbead H and WS for the worlds largest gas dehydration and hydrocarbon removal plant based on adsorption technology, located at the Portovaya Compression Station near the Russian town of Vyborg. The total represents the single largest amount of Sorbead ever ordered for gas purification.
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