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OilMARKET 04 / 2009
The continental shelf and the fight for resources in the 21st centuryThe continental shelf and the fight for resources in the 21st century
The All-Russian scientific conference Key problems in producing domestic equipment for developing the Russian shelf, which was organised by the Moscow Forum of Oil and Gas Industrialists with support from the Russian government's Maritime Board, was successfully in Moscow on 9 April 2009.
Taking good care of his own  countryTaking good care of his own country
Lyubomir Bunyak, former general director for Ukraine's Druzhba export trunk oil pipelines operator and later Lviv city Mayor.
Ten years ago Lyubomir Bunyak, then general director for Ukrainne's Druzhba export trunk oil pipelines operator, managed to swiftly build the linear part of Ukraine's 180,000 b/d Odessa-Brody pipeline and the oil terminal in Pivdenny. He capitalized on Russia's 1998 default combined with an acute financial crisis and drop of demand for pipes. This project opened the way for the Caspian crude from the Black Sea, at least to refineries in Ukraine. However, reverse mode of the system that was started in 2004 turned out more moneymaking as it several times paid off the cost of the project and brought hundreds of million of dollars into Ukraine's state coffers.
The barrel  and the dollarThe barrel and the dollar
At the end of April, world prices for gasoline on the European market crept upwards, growing $140/t in just one month. In recent months the price of crude on the world market rose $40 to over $55/bbl where then hovered. Meanwhile, OPEC believes investments into geological surveys and production will be profitable only at a price of $75/bbl.
New seminar series gets started!New seminar series gets started!
The first seminar entitled Using mini-markets to increasing income at filling stations took place in Kyiv
Perhaps there are some who believe they know more about everything than anyone else, buy no such people attended the petrol station seminar hosted by OILMARKET and Modern Petrol Station. Participants in the seminar came sensing it was possible to increase existing business and expected others' experiences might give them the insight they were looking for. And where there is hope there is a willingness to try
Colin Chapman: The EPC Forum is an ideal Forum for refinersColin Chapman: The EPC Forum is an ideal Forum for refiners
Russia's refining and petrochemical industry today is on a crossroad, again, as it's happened several times over the last 20 years. Demise of Russian refining sector in the 90-s and several successful projects we've seen in this decade show the scope of changes and opportunities this market segment bears today in terms of potential for development. OILMARKET met with EPC head Colin Chapman in order to take a closer look at what are the key priorities for refining and petrochemical development in the former Soviet Union now.
A sovereign refineryA sovereign refinery
In 1866, the young son of a village blacksmith in Naguyevychi then still part of the Austria-Hungarian empire Ivan Franko turned 10 years old. The future Ukrainian publicist and literary star was studying in the Drogobych gymnasium at the same time strange and very active undertakings were beginning the construction of a small oil refinery.
Bogdan Baradniy: Give us the chance to work!Bogdan Baradniy: Give us the chance to work!
The leader of the Drogobych refinery talks about raw material, personnel and problems in Ukrainian refining today.
Solving terminals development deadlockSolving terminals development deadlock
Sending liquified gas from Russia to countries in the Black Sea basin
About 11mn t of liquified hydrocarbons gasses (LHCG) is produced every year in Russia. Of this amount, about 2mn t is exported. Forecasts pre-dating the world crisis estimated that by 2011 this volume would double mainly thanks to the state's increased restrictions on flaring associated petroleum gasses (APG) the main raw material base for producing LHCG.
All power to Gazprom!All power to Gazprom!
Despite the crisis, the monopoly intends to buy 20% of Gazprom neft from Eni
The world financial crisis is not preventing certain deals in the oil and gas sector. Despite a far worse market and lower capitalisation across the Russian fuel and energy industry, the biggest players remain interested in acquiring new assets. In April 2009, Gazprom executed its option to buy 20% of Gazprom neft from Italy's Eni, consolidating 95% of shares in its own hands. However, it is not quite clear why the monopoly, which fully controls the asset anyway, needed this deal.
Functional nano-materials  the catalyst for a new generationFunctional nano-materials the catalyst for a new generation
Synthesising and applying prospective nano-sized and nano-structured catalysts
The tremendous interest the world is now seeing in developing nano-materials and nano-technologies is based on the movement away from massive hard bodies to particles less than 100 nm in size, which are beginning to show new or significantly changed properties. The main properties of nano-structures create unique possibilities for using them to improve existing or principally new products and technologies in various sectors of the economy, including micro-electronics and information technologies, machine tooling and metalwork, power and the production of common household items.
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