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OilMARKET 10 / 2008
KIOGE: Facing the crisisKIOGE: Facing the crisis
At the beginning of October, Almata hosted the 16th annual KIOGE conference — one of the biggest oil and gas exhibitions in the CIS and a traditional stop on the industry circuit. The exhibition, which was held this year from 7 to 10 October, gathered over 550 companies from 30 countries, while the conference, which took place from 8 to 9 October brought together over 1,200 participants.
Adding sense to the letter of lawAdding sense to the letter of law
Pavel Beklemishev, Chairman and CEO of jv belkamit
In legislation of many developing nations there's an expression 'local content' which implies that under even terms in subsoil projects products and services of local manufacturers and suppliers should be used. This term exists as well in the subsoil legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. However, it often proves to be just beyond the scope of local firms' abilities to compete with the 'sharks' of western engineering, even though the legislation provides the 'local content' advantage. Put aside that western managers are slick enough to make sure that with all other terms even, local suppliers will be just a little bit late with receiving tender information, or will get it without essential details needed for winning the tenders.
Teheran-2: the gas cartelTeheran-2: the gas cartel
Just as in 1943, when the capital of Iran hosted discussions on opening a second front, today all nations' eyes are on Teheran due to negotiations to open what is essentially another «second front».
Listening to the industry tunes in SuzdalListening to the industry tunes in Suzdal
Nizhniy Novgorod's Ridan hosted a conference dedicated to modern heat-exchange technologies in the ancient town of Suzdal.
Gazprom to receive 3%Gazprom to receive 3%
E.ON pays Gazprom shares to Gazprom for a stake in the Yuzhno-Russkoye natural gas field
Despite the world financial crisis, Russia's state raw-material companies are still making good deals. In October, Gazprom signed an agreement with the international energy concern E.ON AG (headquartered in Germany) which gave the Russian gas monopolist ownership of nearly 3% of its own shares. In return, E.ON will own 25% of the project to develop the Yuzhno-Russkoe natural gas field.
Tax agendaTax agenda
Russia's imperfect tax regulation system, which takes its cure from world prices for crude, and the recent sharp drop in those prices led to the idea of exporting crude in September being absurd, since it would bring companies losses instead of profits.
Rat holes boost outputRat holes boost output
Ukrgazvydobuvannya has exceeded its natural gas production plans by 145.5mn m3
Over the nine months of 2008, Ukrgazvydobuvannya exceeded its natural gas production schedule by 145.5mn m3. Compared to the same period last year, the company increased natural gas production volume by 60mn m3 (0.5%). Since the beginning of the year, the company's gas producing units produced over 11bn m3 of natural gas
21st-century business21st-century business
Minsk hosts the 4th Belarus-Latvian investment forum
The depth of Ukrainian refining: looking forwards, but not movingThe depth of Ukrainian refining: looking forwards, but not moving
TNK-BP makes the government an offer it might refuse
Ukraine can be counted among those countries which lag the farthest behind in developing its oil refining industry. In 2007, refineries processed about 14mn t of crude of a possible 54mn t. In developed countries like the United States for example, refining depths of 93% a ton of crude produces 350 kg of gasoline. In Russia and Ukraine, where facilities were built at roughly the same time using Soviet technologies, refining depth of 60% results in 155 kg of gasoline from the same amount of crude.
Mongolia to join oil refining nations ranksMongolia to join oil refining nations ranks
In a move to ease Mongolia's stifling dependency on motor fuels imports, Mongolia-based Mongolsekiu LLC and Japan's Toyo Engineering Corp. have drafted plans to build a 44,000b/d refinery in the country's north in Darhan. The two sides have officially submitted plans to Mongolian authorities on construction of the country's first refinery, just about a hundred kilometers from Russian border.
Believe in yourselfBelieve in yourself
Top managers in Lukoil are spending their own money to buy the company's shares
The world financial crisis has had a serious effect on Russian markets — the capitalisation of many large companies including those in the oil and gas sector, lost as much as 70% of their value in just a matter of months. Still, there are Russian oil players who are using this situation for their own benefit.
Patrick van Daele: The projects are on trackPatrick van Daele: The projects are on track
It produced quite a sensation when Royal Dutch Shell, a British-Dutch concern, entered two years ago the project on development of Ukraine's hydrocarbons reserves in partnership with Ukrgazvydobuvannya, a NAK Naftogaz Ukraine subsidiary. The company also started developing its retail chain in the Ukrainian market along with Russia's oil company Alliance. OILMARKET met with Patrick van Daele, head of concern's Kyiv representative office, in order to sum up the results of the two-years work period..
New FCC process to meet growing diesel and propylene demandsNew FCC process to meet growing diesel and propylene demands
To help refiners meet the growing demands for diesel and propylene, a new process to increase production through a Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) unit has been developed for refiners by Shell Global Solutions International B.V. (Shell Global Solutions).
Keeping an eye on ports from spaceKeeping an eye on ports from space
As part of the pilot project for monitoring crude and oil product spills in the Azov and Black seas with the aid of satellites and shore-based devices, specialists from the SkanEks engineering centre have developed a new service solution for clients – the automatic Black Sea-Space Photos geoportal.
Atlas installs budgeting system for KyivgazAtlas installs budgeting system for Kyivgaz
The Ukrainian company Atlas, a leading systems integration company in the telecommunications and computer technology sectors, installed a solution in summer 2008 to automate the budget process and control finances at Kyivgaz.
Ukrtruboizol: the elixir of youthUkrtruboizol: the elixir of youth
In October 2008, the Dnipropetrovsk company Ukrtruboizol launched an isolation line for internal surfaces of pipes Ж273–1020 mm with flow and anti-corrosion epoxy coatings, making it the first enterprise in Ukraine to manufacture a full range of modern high-quality isolations for pipes of small and medium diameter.
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