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OilMARKET 08 / 2008
Aviation on the shelfAviation on the shelf
Aviation should be a primary concern in the early stages of developing the shelf, since work on projects should be harmonised. To establish specific shelf aviation technology, time is needed for new ideas to be born, developed and achieved.
On the front lineOn the front line
Viktor Kushnirchuk, head of the commercial department at Ukrainian Railways
The summer was especially hot for companies shipping petroleum products from the CIS to the Ukrainian market and beyond to the European Union. Tariffs in Ukraine rose on 1 July, while Russia decided to raise rates on 1 September for shipments in Russian Railway Ministry tanks all this happened against a background of falling crude and oil product prices all exacerbated by political tension in the Caspian and Black Sea region.
Side effectSide effect
Nigeria is responsible for almost 25% of greenhouse gasses in Africa because of gas flaring by oil companies in the Niger delta, the Nigerian branch of the German NGO Heinrinch Boll Stiftung reported.
Divvying up KovyktaDivvying up Kovykta
Just a year ago, one of the most sought-after gas condensate fields in Russia Kovykta which is now practically without a manager, was pushed far into the gas sector's reserves. The shareholder conflict at TNK-BP did not allow the company to complete its negotiations with Gazprom on turning over control of the field to its new owner.
Vladimir Kapustin: There are no miracles without state supportVladimir Kapustin: There are no miracles without state support
Doctor Vladimir Kapustin's name is well known to industry specialists: he is general director of the VNIPIneft oil and gas design institute as well as a professor and head of the refining department at the Gubkin oil and gas university in Moscow. His unwavering efforts to revive Russia's refining and petrochemical potential has earned him respect and solidified his authority. OILMARKET leapt at the opportunity to catch Dr. Kapustin between business trips and ask him several questions ahead of the Russian refining industry's ever important autumn season: this year, oil companies face the challenges of the recently approved technical regulations for motor fuels.
Ties Mulder: We are the most energy efficient!Ties Mulder: We are the most energy efficient!
French manufacturer CarboVac lately became a very popular supplier of vapor recovery units (VRU). OILMARKET magazine appreciated an opportunity to meet with the company commercial director Ties Mulder and discuss different aspects of the company successful performance around the world.
In the shadow of jetsIn the shadow of jets
Russian authorities are either unable or unwilling to effectively stand up to monopolists on the jet fuel market at a time when prices are breaking records The price of jet fuel in Russia is now higher than in countries to which it exports the product. The authorities are still limiting themselves to strength, unable or unwilling to regulate the situation. It is however, quite possible that the carrot is being used during the holiday season to keep from bankrupting airlines and to take a breather to draft a plan to use the stick.
Letting go of RussneftLetting go of Russneft
Basic Element is close to gaining control over Russneft
It appears Russneft's problems are fading into the past. The company is no longer being faced with nationalisation court decisions have been made which do not allow Russneft shares to be turned into state property. The company itself has admitted to some of the tax claims against it and that means that at a minimum, those amounts will be paid.
Pall separation technology made to specPall separation technology made to spec
At the end of May 2008, a two-year cycle of work was completed at Pall Eurasia to reconstruct internal 20C-1/7 UKPG-3C units and conduct acceptance tests on the main unit. Representatives from Gazprom subsidiary Central Enginiring Bureau of oil equipment (TsKBN Gazprom), VNIIGAZ, Pall Eurasia, Gazprom, Gazprom dobycha Yamburg and others took part in the testing.
On the lookout: IcebergsOn the lookout: Icebergs
A study of icebergs and ice floes in production at the Shtokman gas condensate field
The discovery of gas condensate and oil and gas fields along the arctic shelf has faced Russia with a myriad of problems in developing those resourcesbuilding rigs, ice-breakers, gas tankers and facilities to liquify gas and a host of others. One important task to be surmounted in developing the shelf along northern seas is to evaluate the dangers posed by icebergs.
Design of Arctic LNG carriersDesign of Arctic LNG carriers
With approximately one third of the world gas reserves, Russian Federation is one of the major gas suppliers to the world market. The world recent trend has been toward increasing energy consumption and future gas demand while a decrease in gas extraction is forecasted for a number of major natural gas fields in Russia as a result of reserves' depletion. To satisfy the growing demand for gas, new fields are to be developed. Major part of the prospected natural gas reserves in Russia are in the Extreme North and on the shelf of the Arctic seas.
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