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OilMARKET 06 / 2008
Odessa bonanzaOdessa bonanza
The legendary city on the Black Sea Odessa has long been proud of its traditions in the oil business. At the turn of the 19th century just over 100 years ago, the first tank farms for storing and loading Baku crude appeared. It is not surprising that an oil conference dedicated to refining, transport and supplies of crude and products has also become a tradition. This year on 12-14 June the Oil Refining, Transit and Export in the CIS and Baltics conference was held in the centre of the Odessa port in the Odessa Hotel for the fifth time. The forum gathered 100 participants from 14 countries, including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia.
Living up to his destinyLiving up to his destiny
Deputy general director of Sumy machine building plant Dr. Alexander Shvindin
Dr. Alexander Shvindin spent decades of his life developing and implementing modern pumps for oil refining and petrochemical industry. A number of delegates at the 5th annual Oil Refining, Transit and Exports in CIS and the Baltic States conference on 12-14 June in Odessa placed his presentatio n among the best ones. What's interesting, this happened even though far from all the delegates in presence were technical specialists, capable to assess the brilliance of solutions presented by Dr. Shvindin.
Removing the banRemoving the ban
US President George Bush drops the executive ban on off-shore drilling
US President George Bush has legally opened the way for allowing off-shore drilling on the US continental shelf. The ban was enacted 18 years ago, when Bush's father was president. American authorities are now intent on restraining the unprecedented growth in fuel prices in the country.
A Nobel HeritageA Nobel Heritage
Tatnefteprodukt the largest operator on the oil product supply market in Tatarstan and the Volga region celebrates its 90th anniversary
Norway projectNorway project
OMV participates in additional exploration license in Norway
OMV Aktiengesellschaft, the leading oil and gas group in Central Europe, strengthens its E&P position in the core region Northwestern Europe by acquiring a 30% interest in the exploration license PL 301CS in Norway from the Canadian company Talisman and the Danish company DONG.
RussiaRussia's Tyumen region: more than oil and gas!
In the very heart of Russia on over 1.4mn km2 in the West-Siberian lowlands where Europe and Asia meet, lies Tyumen region and the autonomous districts of Yamal-Nenets and Khanty-Mansiysk Yurga (the region is comparable in size to Germany, France, Italy and Britain).
Vladislav Bazhenov: A number of refineries are more profitable today than productionVladislav Bazhenov: A number of refineries are more profitable today than production
The patriarch of Russian oil refining speaks on the sector's problems and prospects in Russia and the CIS Vladislav Panteleymonovich Bazhenov does not need to be introduced. Having dedicated scores of years to refining, he finished active phase of his career working as vice president of Lukoil for refining. Today he continues to participate actively in the life of Russian refining and petrochemical, providing consulting services to companies both in Russia and from abroad and attracting young specialists.
Octane symphonyOctane symphony
The vertically-integrated Russian-British company TNK-BP is a strategic player on the refining markets in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Under galloping rise in prices for crude and engineering companies' services, the holding has been able to optimise loads at its refineries and see them develop with consistent dynamics. This has enabled the company to begin producing the best gasolines and diesel fuels on the Russian market Euro-4 and Euro-5 compliant products which are good enough to export to the European Union.
Cleaner water from JurbyCleaner water from Jurby
Rebuilding Slavneft's Yanos water preparation equipment
The international engineering company Jurby WaterTech International is continuing its work to develop new a reconstruct existing water treatment equipment for the biggest refinery in Russia's North region Slavneft Yanos.
Nine years later...Nine years later...
BP opens a complex in Kyiv
The world renowned brand has come back in the Ukrainian capital on busy Brovarskiy Boulevard. In contract to the 1990s, when BP had a small Kiev representative office, the yellow and green brand today makes its moves from inside the British-Russian holding, TNK-BP. Kiev is the third city in the CIS after Moscow and St. Petersburg where the easily-identified complexes have opened. The expectation that mounted behind the two-month advertising campaign justified itself in full. On 11 June, guests at the ceremonial opening saw a site unlike any other in the country. The happy owners of the complex said they were firmly intent on opening another 13 such sites in Kiev by 2011. Apart from the capital, the operator wants to expand in Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk.
The secrets of premium gasoline blendsThe secrets of premium gasoline blends
BASF gathers its partners from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine
We help our clients become even more successful this was the slogan under which the BASF chemical concern held its BASF products for modern fuels seminar on 2930 May in Alushta, Crimea.
Net-back prices for gasNet-back prices for gas
Russia is being forced to bargain with Gazprom over gas prices as much as Ukraine. The monopoly's attempts to practically remove state regulation of the price of the blue fuel has run up against the government's plans to restrain inflation and develop industrial production.
Tanks are not afraid of the mudTanks are not afraid of the mud
The conflict between shareholders in TNK-BP bubbles to the surface
Despite their equal stakes in the enterprise, TNK-BP's shareholders British BP and the Russian consortium AAR have managed to conduct business together since founding the venture in 2003. Until recently, the sides avoided public scandals to the surprise of industry observers, there was not even a hint of contention. This idyllic picture lasted less than five years.
No surprisesNo surprises
Russia's largest private oil company reports on 2007
Lukoil's annual shareholders' meeting an important event in nearly any company passed by smoothly on 26 June while highlighting accomplishments the company can be proud of.
Recent trend of using APGRecent trend of using APG
Modules of aircraft condensed fuel ASKT
Problems of associated petroleum gas (APG) recovery and effective use in Russian Federation are of long-term discussion on various levels, but oil companies stay slow and loath to resolve them. The oil companies consider one of the major causes impeding the APG recovery program, except finances, to be the sale of processed APG. Russian scientists propose to use APG as jet fuel.
Do the oil- and gasmen need deepsea divers?Do the oil- and gasmen need deepsea divers?
Today Russia lost practically all its training system of deepsea divers, and all serious salvaging and Arctic shelf development depend completely on foreign companies providing subsea-engineering on the continental shelf. The problem of diving in Russia has been an often resolved one on Marine Board meetings and conferences held under its aegis.
Marine technology for obtaining methanolMarine technology for obtaining methanol
A new technology for developing low-profit marine gas fields
Russia is currently preparing to develop a new hydrocarbon raw materials resource base gas fields in the Barents Sea.
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