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OilMARKET 04 / 2008
Euro-2008. Better later than neverEuro-2008. Better later than never
Russia's long-awaited technical regulations have been passed in February 2008. Oil companies and state bodies conceiving the new oil market realities created by the new regulations
Development requires astute industryDevelopment requires astute industry
Dr. Peter Caddy, Business Development Director
Dr Peter Caddy, Business Development Director of Argus Media has been working for over 20 years in Argus Media which is the world's leading independent energy news and price reporting agency and which he had joined after coming from the oil giant ÂÐ. Analytical depth and competence inherent to all the information products of the company all over the world are directly linked with the name of this man.
Ukrainian helicopter Mi 8 crashes in Black SeaUkrainian helicopter Mi 8 crashes in Black Sea
On 28 April Ukrainian helicopter crashed onto an offshore drilling platform Tavrida in the Black Sea. The helicopter clipped the platform with its tail rotor killing all 20 people on board. It carried 17 workers of the drilling shift team and three people of the crew.
Gazprom snaps the Chayanda fieldGazprom snaps the Chayanda field
without a tender, but not without paying
There is no longer any reason at all to doubt the talking point Gazprom is a national treasure. In line with this status, Gazprom has long been interested in the Chayanda field. There is nothing surprising in this: there are no really big natural gas fields in Russia where the monopoly does not exercise control.
Oil slicks in world watersOil slicks in world waters
Oil spills from tankers and pipelines are some of the more frequent man-made disasters that occur in the world. This is due to the fact that a large number of oil pipelines, which were built 30-40 years ago are considerably worn. Accidental spills can happen at any point along a pipeline. Letting oil seep into the ground or, depending on the landscape, drain into rivers. Spills are normally either cleaned up by companies themselves or the oil is left to dissolve on its own, naturally. Large spills attract public attention and as a rule demand state authorities take immediate steps.
RussiaRussia's energy strategy
Old problems and new solutions in the oil and gas complex
Moscow hosted the sixth all-Russian energy forum, entitled The Fuel and Energy Complex in Russia in the 21st Century. As part of this conference a round table was held on High-tech hydrocarbon refining in Russia: problems and prospects. The round table was organized by the leading design institute VNIPIneft together with the Association of Refiners and Petrochemical Engineers, the Russian Union of Chemists, the Russia Oil and Gas Industry Union, the Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences council on Petrochemicals, the Topchiyev INKHS RAN, the Union of Manufacturers and Employers and VNIPI NP.
The inertia of  flaringThe inertia of flaring
Examples of the effective use of associated petroleum gas (APG) is more often the exception in Russia, than the rule. However, by 2011 APG utilization is to increase to a level of 95%; this is the goal Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov instructed the government to fulfil when he opened the government commission meeting on fuel and energy on 26 March. The head of the government said that about 17bn m3 of APG of 61bn m3 that is produced was flared in Russia in 2007.
Ukrainian metamorphosesUkrainian metamorphoses
The speed with which the Ukrainian liquid petroleum gas market is developing, highlighted in issue 3 of OILMARKET, is steadily ahead of neighbours in the CIS. Being isolated from resources is one of the problems Ukraine faces in this sector, but this barrier fell in March as resources poured in from Russia and Belarus. Traders say Kazakhstan resources are on the way. In fact, the LPG market is undergoing the same transformations that the light oil product market experienced in 2002. Imported LPG is beating paths to Ukraine and changing the rules of the game on the country's domestic market. Besides the low level of competition, the swell in imports is influencing fundamental factors like the growth of volume on a market which has already outgrown domestic supply.
Turbulent growthTurbulent growth
Within one week of each other in April, two large conferences dedicated to the production, sales and export of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) took place in Moscow.
Fiscal fugueFiscal fugue
The Russian co-owners of TNK-BP the consortium of AAR in Alfa-Group, Access Industries and Renova who own 50% of the venture, say rumours they will sell their stake in the company to Gazprom are unfounded. Speculation and rumours of AAR plans to sell its stake in TNK-BP to Gazprom are unfounded and do not correspond to reality, a statement by the consortium reads.
Energy saving basisEnergy saving basis
An International technical conference was held in Kyiv organized by Jurby WaterTech International
On 26 March and International technical conference was held in Kyiv named Up-to-date Technologies of Water Treatment as the Energy Saving Basis in Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering.
Made of sugar: Brazilian biodieselMade of sugar: Brazilian biodiesel
On April 24, 2008 Amyris, the leading innovator of next-generation renewable fuels, and Crystalsev, one of Brazil's largest ethanol distributors and marketers, have announced plans to commercialize advanced renewable fuels made from sugarcane including a diesel, jet fuel and gasoline.
Refineries to get new generation overhung centrifugal pumpsRefineries to get new generation overhung centrifugal pumps
In March Lukoil-Volgogradneftepererabotka Ltd successfully commissioned a new heavy tonnage gasoline cut isomerizer. This isomerizer is 20%-equipped with the pumps manufactured by RuhRPumpen (Germany) and another 80% are the pumps made by SMZ Ltd 26 pump units including pumps for isopentane fraction pumping at t60C, some positions of the isomerizer are equipped with the pump units ANKV 225-120. During their commis-sioning all the pump units ANKV 225-120 operated in accordance to their technical certificates.
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