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OilMARKET 01 / 2007
A Marriage of inconvenienceA Marriage of inconvenience
Russo-Belarus New year stand off on pipeline crude shipments to EU consumers despite having lasted short, left Europeans with a bitter feeling of insecure nature of hydrocarbons deliveries from the former Soviet countries. Last year nightmare with natural transit via Ukraine and gas shortages in EU countries was repeated with certain corrections this year with crude transit via Belarus. With all the differences between the two situations, one fundamental thing was in common: in both cases EU consumers were taken hostages to Russia's settling its family problems with the former soviet neighbours.
Victor Redko,Victor Redko,
President of UK based Jurby WaterTech Victor Redko was born and educated in Russia, where he also served in the forces. However, his business success came about in the West. His UK-registered company operates in many countries, supplying advanced water treatment technologies for petroleum, chemical, power generating and other industries in the countries of the former Soviet Union and elsewhere. In January Jurby WaterTech board endorsed decision on construction of its first manufacturing facility in Russia.
Choosing the alternativeChoosing the alternative
Russia will expand its oil&gas transportation infrastructure to cut down its dependency on transit countries, said Russia's President Vladimir Putin after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Sochi, Black Sea resort.
KazTransOil: The strategy of successKazTransOil: The strategy of success
Kazakhstan, being located in the remote parts of Asia, has a particular concern about oil&gas export issues — Kazakh crude has to travel over several state borders to get to the end-user. The country's location is the main roadblock for the efficient use of the oil resources. From this viewpoint, the Kazakhstan's programme on entering the list of Top-50 competitive countries largely depends on diversification of oil exports and on ensuring sustainable supply routes for Kazakh crude to reach the world's markets.
Better later than never.The Belarus limboBetter later than never.The Belarus limbo
The intensive talks of Belarus delegation and Gazprom have finished almost at the first chimes of New Year at Kremlin clock tower. Belarus achieved knocking down extra $5 off the price for Russia's natural gas, having negotiated the final price of $100 per 1,000 m3. The delegation inked papers on transit price, Beltransgaz sale terms, and 2007-2011 contract on supply and transit of natural gas. The final stage of the negotiations was blessed by Belarus prime minister Sergey Sidorskiy, who promptly flew to Russia's capital.
Focusing on efficiencyFocusing on efficiency
Making the 2006 overview of leading FSU refiners and exporters, OilMarket talks to general director of Belarus Oil Trading House Valeriy Ivankovich
The key playersThe key players
The Standard Oil Group
For the last century the Standard Oil has changed significantly, which, far from disturbing the operations, helped its expansion on FSU markets.
Senior partnerSenior partner
Gazprom's demand is met in Sakhalin-2 project
The almighty Gazprom succeeded in having its way with Sakhalin-2 project: the holding will acquire a controlling stake, with just a little effort on its side. With Gazprom in the shareholders list, the budget of the project is likely to be approved fast. The gas giant's presence will also shield off the operator from the environmental suits that were looming over the project. Other international JVs have to reconcile themselves with the fact that one day Gazprom may knock on their door.
The clean water factoryThe clean water factory
Jurby WaterTech International starts a construction project for water treatment and purification equipment plant.
Production volumes upProduction volumes up
In 2006 Ukraine’s UkrGazVydobuvannya boosted gasoline production by 10%, LPG production — by 14.5%
In 2006 gasoline production has been boosted by UkrGazVydo-buvannya, a leading oil&gas production subsidiary of Ukraine's state-owned monopoly Naftogaz Ukrainy. The company's Shebelinka gas processing plant produced 509,600t of gasoline, up 45,000 (10%) y.o.y.
The automotive bitesThe automotive bites
For many drivers, the engines are like women: they would siphon out of the owner at least $300 per month for 100km/day driving in any CIS capital city. Many still will spend even double or triple of that. A thrill from driving a car with good powerful engine fed by high quality gasoline is still quite affordable for this generation of drivers. Within the next generation or two this status quo could be recalled with nostalgia.
Middle management is the key assetMiddle management is the key asset
The catchphrase 'project management' sounds increasingly often in the FSU oil&gas industry. This is logical. Every large project entails the issue of who and how will manage it. This initial framework won't change, as now FSU has results-oriented market.
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