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OilMARKET 10 / 2006
Kazakh alternativesKazakh alternatives
This forum has long since become a tradition. From the first day of Kazakh independence and until now, multiple bends in the development of the country's oil&gas industry were reflected in this exhibition and conference. This year on 3-6 October, KIOGE forum took place for the 15th time.
Courage can move mountainsCourage can move mountains
In October, Oksana Fedoseyeva astonished many hard-boiled industry experts. Having surmounted the doubts and the traditional for the industry closedness and restraint, headed by Oksana company Vostock Capital successfully staged in Moscow Oil Terminal 2006 congress, bringing together the top terminal operators from FSU, Mediterranean and North-West Europe.
A la guerre comme a la guerre, but the economy suffersA la guerre comme a la guerre, but the economy suffers
While Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas swears that the new government of the autonomy recognises Israel state and the new Palestinian cabinet calculates number of seats for Hamas and Fatah parties, while the Israelis keep demanding the immediate release of soldier Gilad Shalit and the Palestinians pray virtuously pray during the holy month of Ramadan, Gulf-produced oil gradually loses its competitive edge.
Champions of terminal businessChampions of terminal business
Vostock Capital staged a contest for the best oil terminal in FSU and European countries. The Russian terminal operators turned in a good score, matching the performance of the respected European terminals.
The goal: a satisfied clientThe goal: a satisfied client
A report on the industrial and motor oils consumers' conference in Russias southern region
Shtokman soloShtokman solo
Russia's gas giant will develop the Shtockman field independently
Gazprom has finally settled on the players for Shtockman project development none apart from the gas giant itself. In spite of raucously announced almost a year ago list of five wannabe project partners. The target market has also been changed instead of LNG supplies to the USA, the Shtockman production is now pencilled for shipments to European market.
BP goes deepBP goes deep
The Azerbaijan International Operating Company (AIOC), managed by BP, on 23 october announced the start-up launch of oil production from the East Azeri platform four months ahead of schedule. East Azeri completes Phase 2 of the Azeri-Chirag-Gyuneshli (ACG) field development in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea. Phase 3, which will develop the Deep Water Gyuneshli area of ACG, remains on schedule to commence production in 2008.
Sakhalin-2 project can be frozenSakhalin-2 project can be frozen
Russia's minister of natural resources Yuri Trutnev insists on opening a criminal case against contractors on the Sakhalin-2 project. Officials in the ministry say the construction companies have harmed the island's environment to the tune of several million dollars, noting that recovery of the environmental balance to the area where the oil pipeline is being built will require decades. Trutnev did not rule out that the project could be frozen altogether over the incident.
RITEK boosted its crude loadingRITEK boosted its crude loading
Ritek finished exporting crude via the Northern Marine Route from the company's oil fields in Yamal-Nenets Autonomy. From 24 June till 17 October, Andra and Numgi terminals have loaded 454,500t of crude for exports to the NWE, up 26.5% y.o.y. (346,400t from Sredne-Khulymskoe field and 108,100t from Sandibinskoe field).
The decision-making momentThe decision-making moment
Ukraine's refining is on the verge of significant changes. Industry's professionals and experts at the new Ukrainian government understand the scale of work required to pull the industry out of the depression. The sheer scope of the looming tasks calls for the realistic approach and courage of operators, which must have experience of implementing large projects regardless of challenges. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Rather, the operators should learn the experience of companies which have already walked the difficult road of implementing large-scale projects in the CIS.
Heading to EuropeHeading to Europe
Ukraine's refiners and diesel fuel exporters eyeing up EU markets
The closure of 16mn tpa (320,000 b/d) Lisichansk refinery (TNK-BP) for a 45 days maintenance from 1 October raised eyebrows of those analysts who expected Ukraine's downstream to pick up after August's inking of a Memorandum between Ukraine's government and key players on the local oil products market. Yet, there is no contradiction between the memorandum and TNK-BP's closure of its refinery for a 45-days modernisation. Riding the market trend, Lisichansk refinery is gearing up to the new level of operation.
BP passed its BPAP quotation to Argus MediaBP passed its BPAP quotation to Argus Media
Platts had an original answer to the major's forced move
Familiar to East-European traders quotations on BP's propane-butane (LPG), which were earlier published by the American agency Platts as BPAP (BP Agreed Price), are now transferred to the British agency on global energy resources price information Argus Media from 1 September. On the one hand, BP was forced to make the move, as the company had been accused of manipulating prices in North America, but on the other hand the step was logical Argus Media is the leader in LPG price index quotations in the FSU, Eastern Europe and the North Sea region.
Ink before moneyInk before money
Ukraine will get at least 55bn m3 of gas in 2007 for $130 per 1,000 m3
The Naftogaz Ukrainy delegation reached a final agreement in Moscow on the supply of gas to Ukraine in 2007 at a volume of not less than 55 bcm of natural gas.
Time to actTime to act
Ukraine commenced modernisation of its natural gas transportation system
A Russian-Ukraine natural gas crisis that has been shoching Europe for the whole last winter cast a shadow not only on Russia. Powerful PR campaign launched by Gazprom and Russia's Foreign Ministry affairs was successful in convincing some (perhaps many) major EU gas market players that Ukraine has to shoulder a great part of responsibility for possible and actual gas supply breaches.
Expressing its deep respectExpressing its deep respect
Lukoil responded to environmental watchdog enquiry
Ministry of natural resources decided to withdraw in advance a number of licenses issued to companies KhantyMansiyskneftegazgeologia and Nezymgeodobycha, both owned by Lukoil. The resolution was adopted based on the auditing results of upstream companies working in Khanty&Mansy Autonomy, said Oleg Mitvol, the deputy head of Rosprirodnadzor environmental watchdog, visiting in Komi Republic on 13 October.
Criminal oilCriminal oil
The Russian Duma passed a law in the first reading which envisions introducing criminal responsibility for stealing oil products. Amendments are to be written into the Criminal and Crime Procedures Codes of the Russian Federation.
LukoilLukoil's bright future
Lukoil presents main principles of strategic development up to 2016
Environment-friendly technologiesEnvironment-friendly technologies
David McKenna, product manager of Mack Engines shows a clean handkerchief after performing a white cloth test on a running diesel truck at the Volvo Powertrain North America headquarters in Hagerstown, Maryland, USA.
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