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OilMARKET 06 / 2006
Capitalising on refining boomCapitalising on refining boom
The 3rd International conference Oil Refining and Transit in the CIS and Baltic States provided detailed and realistic assessment of CIS downstream conditions, particularly in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. The presentation of Vladimir Kapustin, Professor, D. Sc., played pivotal role in recapping facts and current trends of the industry. We now offer this material to our readers.
Today's Russian refining experiences generation change, as younger professionals come into the industry. The stormy for the industry 1990s are over; and yet, the more Russia shifts to the market economy, the higher the need in experience of well-known competent experts in refining and petrochemical industry Vladislav Bazhenov is one of such professionals.
Gaza Strip fuel-strippedGaza Strip fuel-stripped
The Palestinians are hit again, this time by fuel crisis. The debts of the state forced oil companies to stop fuel supplies now, there is no gasoline whatsoever. The number of cars on the streets goes down while popular frustration is growing.
Bonded by crude flowsBonded by crude flows
Without giving any thought to political battles being waged in Ukraine, OilMarket magazine organized and hosted on 1516 June in Odessa the third international conference on Oil Refining and Transit in the CIS and Baltic States. The forum brought together specialists from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland, the United States, Ukraine and the Czech Republic and covered a wide range of topics on developments in the post-Soviet downstream.
 enters Salym via Middle East enters Salym via Middle East
On 23 June Salym Petroleum Development N.V. (SPD) and Pipeline Steel Company (TMK) inked a strategic cooperation agreement in Moscow's Marriott Aurora Hotel.
The SPD goes deeper,The SPD goes deeper,
or a good deal for the grandchildren
Salym Petroleum Development N.V. (SPD) has passed another milestone in its development of Western Siberia fields the company's production levels at Western-Salym and Upper-Salym fields topped 50,000 b/d on 17 June 2006. From the beginning of the year the SPD produced over 5mn bl of crude.
Polish refiner with Russian fillingPolish refiner with Russian filling
When Polish PKN Orlen recently bought the Lithuanias Mazeikiu refinery, everyone asked the big question can the Poles supply Russian oil to the refinery? After all, Orlen is exclusively a refining company and it does not extract a single barrel of crude. Nearly all the crude supplies to Mazeikiu Nafta comes via the Transneft system which belongs to the Russian government. And all the Russian oil supply companies are so close to the Russian authorities that Poles and Lithuanians alike shiver just thinking about it. But it turns out that Orlen went to battle for Mazeikiu well prepared and with commitment of crude supplies from Russian oil companies beating in the end KazMunaiGaz, which has its own crude volumes.
The back entranceThe back entrance
Russia's Alliance started working with Shell in Ukraine
The market was surprised by start of cooperation between Ukrainian arm of Russia's oil company Alliance and major Shell. The statement was followed by instant re-branding of Alliance's gasoline station to Shell colours in Ukraine's capital Kyiv on 23 June. The major's logo (see the photo) is symbolic of understanding of this joint project the visible outline is blurred with range of questions with no prompt answers.
The $120bn price tag?The $120bn price tag?
Rosneft has started preparations to its IPO, which experts estimate could take place just before the G8 St. Petersburg summit on 15-16 July. The IPO road-show is planned to take off on 26 June.
New name, new ambitionsNew name, new ambitions
Gazprom Neft plans to produce 1.6mn b/d by 2020
On the dawn of G8 summitOn the dawn of G8 summit
Entering Western markets is still hard for Russia's companies
Russian oil producers continue expanding. In China and India they are received with open hands, but the Western countries so far have no inkling to let the Russians in, being weary of their business conduct. This trend is best illustrated by Lukoil's experience one of the largest Russian oil companies since 2000 is trying to gain a foothold in the EC. However, its adventures in Lithuania, Poland, Greece and other states clearly indicate that Europe is highly alert to any advances on its energy security.
Lightning protection rodLightning protection rod
Comprehensive solution for energy installations lightning protection
Rugged hydraulicsRugged hydraulics
safely lift 900 anchors for Australia's largest oil and gas project
Hydraulic technology engineered to deliver safe, reliable and precise power in challenging environments has been used in the laying of a 80km string of subsea pipeline anchors off Australia's north-west coast.
BP gets serious about biofuelsBP gets serious about biofuels
BP pledges $500mn for Energy biosciences institute and plans new business to exploit research
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