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OilMARKET 05 / 2019
Ukraine Petroleum Market 2019Ukraine Petroleum Market 2019
Industrial titles NefteRynok and OILMARKET and Upeco consultancy, held annual Ukraine Petroleum Market 2019 conference in September at the Fairmont Hotel in Kiev. Also within the framework of this event we held our 10th Ukraine LPG Forum! This was a rare opportunity to see in one place so many Ukrainian and foreign market operators and suppliers, and discuss with them the wave of changes that the Ukrainian fuel market is experiencing in 2019. It's also very relevant to hear the experts' views on what to expect in the coming year. The situation with diesel imports to the Ukrainian market, problems with the Ukrainian railways operation by the middle of September were so stressful that many participants were not sure until the last moment that they could confirm their participation in the forum.
Gazprom Neft starts shipping granulated sulphur from its Badra oilfieldGazprom Neft starts shipping granulated sulphur from its Badra oilfield
In the September 2019 Gazpromneft-Badra begun shipping granulated sulphur from its Badra oilfield in Iraq the unique gas infrastructure made it possible to diversify production, but also increase associated petroleum gas (APG) utilisation to 98%.
Slavneft-Yanos refinery took the lead in Russia in production of jet fuel, introducing the process of hydrodemercaptanization of jet fuel and increasing the production of aviation fuel TS1 in 2018 by 38.5%!
Atyrau refinery is the first in Kazakhstan to launch the output of RTF minus 38C Arctic dieselAtyrau refinery is the first in Kazakhstan to launch the output of RTF minus 38C Arctic diesel
At the end of 2018, the Atyrau refinery produced several types of new oil products: diesel fuel with PTF 25 of environmental class K5 and diesel fuel with PTF 32 (Khazar). This was made possible thanks to the launch of new units of the Oil Refining Complex built as part of a large-scale moderniza& tion. Today Atyrau Oil Refinery is able to produce the following types of winter diesel fuels: DT with PTF 15, with PTF 25, with PTF 32, with PTF 38.
Omsk refinery commissioned 1 MW solar power projectOmsk refinery commissioned 1 MW solar power project
On the 21 of October 2019 one MW solar power plant built by Hevel Group was commissioned at Gazprom Nefts refinery facility, located in Siberias Omsk region. 2 500 solar modules were mounted on unused areas, as well on roof and facade of adjacent infrastructure.
Cleaning Central European pipelines and refineries from RussiaCleaning Central European pipelines and refineries from Russia's Transneft systems contaminated crude may last the whole year of 2020
The Druzhba oil pipeline provides oil supplies to Belarusian refineries and its transit to Europe. The Druzhba systems pollution with organochlorines, detected in April 2019, led to the suspension of pumping of Russian oil to Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Hungary and Slovakia. Every year, PERN, which acts as the operator of the Polish section of the Druzhba pipeline, pumps about 1mn b/d (50mn t/yr) of crude from Russia into the national system. PERN supplies two refineries in Poland in 276,000 b/d Plock and 210,000 b/d Gdansk (Lotos), as well as two refineries in Germany in the areas of Schwedt and Leuna.
Hot autumn of Ukrainian retailersHot autumn of Ukrainian retailers
The autumn of 2019 posed the hundreds of Ukrainian fuel market operators a difficult task to make a great evolutionary leap in their development, and transform themselves from a semilegal sellers of fuels of often questionable quality into lawabiding and, which is very desirable, technically competent legal oil traders. Ukrainian technical company Testrite today is in the ranks of those responsible and technically advanced equipment and technology suppliers whose innovative and already certified in Ukraine solutions help many players in the Ukrainian fuel market to jump into the car of a train leaving for Europe, overcoming the tsunami of unforeseen expenses and unexpected technical issues!
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