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OilMARKET 02 / 2019
SIE NEFTEKHIM: Aiming the challenges of the futureSIE NEFTEKHIM: Aiming the challenges of the future
OILMARKET magazine met with the SIE NEFTEHIM President and CEO, Alexander Nikitovich Shakun
Based in the south Russia Krasnodar innovative chemical technology company Scientific Industrial Enterprise (SIE) Neftehim LLC is one of Russia's hundred most competent companies in its field. The company presents ISOPLAT, new efficient technology for the environmental( ly friendly high(octane gasoline components production with ultra(low aromatics and benzene. OILMARKET mag( azine met with the SIE NEFTEHIM President and CEO, Alexander Nikitovich Shakun.
Rosgeo: The exploration potential of interRosgeo: The exploration potential of inter'salt hydrocarbon deposit is very high
Saltdome areas should be purposefully studied in Russia in order to conduct the prospecting and exploration of intersalt hydrocarbon deposits, said Victor Groshev, the Dr of geological and mineralogical sciences, the expert of the Seismic Data Interpretation Department of AO Tsentralnaya geofizicheskaya expeditsiya (CGE, Moscow, the company is a part of Rosgeo state parent company), at the international geological and geophysical conference Modern technologies for Eurasian subsoil study and development (GeoEurasia-2019).
Exxon Valdez oil spill 30th anniversaryExxon Valdez oil spill 30th anniversary
Exxon Valdez tanker struck Alaskas Bligh Reef on March 24, 1989, while bound for California. It spilled about 11 mn gallons of crude oil, which storms and currents smeared across about 1,300 miles of shoreline. Today many experts insist on the soonest transition of the oil and oil products carriers to the use of LNG, which particularly relevant for the Arctic voyages, where detecting and removing spill is much more difficult and costly!
Gazprom starts building thermal power plant in SerbiaGazprom starts building thermal power plant in Serbia
On the 7 of March, 2019 an event celebrating the launch of construction of a combined cycle thermal power plant (TPP) took place today in Pancevo, Republic of Serbia. With a power capacity of some 200 MW, the Pancevo TPP will be the first of the Gazprom Energoholding Group's projects to be implemented outside of the Russian Federation, as well as the first combined cycle thermal power plant in Serbia. The TPP's twohectare construction site is located in an industrial district in the immediate vicinity of the Pancevo Refinery that belongs to NIS a.d. Novi Sad (part of the Gazprom Neft Group). The heat generated by the TPP will serve the needs of the Pancevo Refinery, while the plant's electric power output will be sold in Serbia and neighboring countries. The Pancevo TPP is slated for commissioning in 2020.
Nizhnekamskneftekhim launched the benzene extraction facility at the etilen plantNizhnekamskneftekhim launched the benzene extraction facility at the etilen plant
The construction of the benzene extraction facility was finished at the end of 2018, and it was launched at the designed capacity in March of the current year. The new production facility will optimize the recycling process of the benzene-containing fraction in manufacturing and unload the existing energyintensive components. It is planned to increase the production of benzene to 265,000 t per year with the help of new facility and completely avoid purchasing of it in another place.
Russian methanol industryRussian methanol industry
Summary of Methanol Forum 2019, 22 May, Creon Energy
Russian methanol projects are growing like mushrooms after the rain: every year new projects pop up, some( times they become reality, other fail to be fulfilled. Those who manage to build and face another chal( lenge finding available export channels as the exist( ing ones are already loaded almost to top!
Russian market of  CNG fuelRussian market of CNG fuel
According to the UPECO consultancy, in 2018, the bal( ance of the Ukrainian LPG market increased by 14.8% to 1.82mn t. Strong growth was provided by imports, including the volumes for revived petrochemical pro( duction.
02 / 2019