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OilMARKET 01 / 2019
Brief summary and results of Kazakhstan refineries modernizationBrief summary and results of Kazakhstan refineries modernization
The period from 2003 to 2016-2018 was a turning point for the industry in many CIS countries. Ukraine for the period from 2004 to 2014 lost 5 of its 6 refineries! In the same years, three dozen refineries were modernized in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the Russian Federation; dozens of billions of dollars were invested. The results of modernization affect the stability of the domestic market, saving billions of dollars in the countries every year!
ROSGEO: the most prospective areas for geological exploration in RussiaROSGEO: the most prospective areas for geological exploration in Russia
Rosgeo offers to concentrate the bulk of the work (63%) on the SME oil production until the year of 2035 in the Ural and Siberian Federal Districts, including in the Arctic zone. In the Ural Federal District, it is proposed to consider the West Siberian oil and gas province as prospective areas for exploration, mainly the deposits of Bazhenovskaya Suite in the central regions; lower Cretaceous and Jurassic complexes of Gydansk, Yamalsk and Yenisei-Khatangsk oil-and-gas province; small and tiny deposits of aged oil-and-gas regions (KhMAD, Tomsk Region); deposits of the middle Jurassic central and western regions of KhMAD. Prospective areas in the Siberian Federal District for exploration: the Leno-Tungussk oil-and-gas province, the deposits of the Vilyuisk oil-and-gas area.
Processing of associated petroleum gas at Tatneft. Results of the 2019Processing of associated petroleum gas at Tatneft. Results of the 2019
Tatneftegazpererabotka Division (UTNGP) of Tatneft received 845.4 mn m3 of petroleum gas from the fields of Tatneft company in 2018. This amount was 25.4 mn m3 more than in 2017. The volume of NGL refining at the complex oil treatment units (UCPN) amounted to 320.9 thousand t, which was 46.2 thousand t more than in 2017.
Russian polyvinylchloride market 2018Russian polyvinylchloride market 2018
Russian PVC market reached proficiency. Falling demand for the PVC products from the end users has translated into decrease in polymer consumption by producing enterprises. In the situation of low demand, the alternative for the resin producers is not very broad either to boost export volumes, or to become more flexible and to fight for each client, actively participating in the development of the domestic market.
ZapSibNeftekhimZapSibNeftekhim's polypropylene unit produces first granules
On the 13 March 2019 the polypropylene unit at ZapSibNeftekhim, a deep hydro-carbon conversion plant under construction, is 99.8% complete. Construction and installation works on the process unit are over, and commissioning is underway. In particular, systems are undergoing functional testing and safety systems are being checked for proper performance.
Sweden is the world heavyweight champion in waste recyclingSweden is the world heavyweight champion in waste recycling
When it comes to waste management and environmental awareness, Sweden is the World Heavyweight Champion, tells journalistic research by France 24 TV.
The nation is processing virtually all its waste generating electricity and heating! We are doing a good business, and at the same time we are feeling good about it, because we are helping to protect the environment, says Amijad Al Chamaa, the owner of a Second hand shop. Out of 4.4mn t of waste generated annually by Sweden, 99% end up as electricity or heating, and only 1% goes to the dump sites. How do Swedes managed to achieve this?
Hevel Group secures long term financing for solar projects in KazahstanHevel Group secures long term financing for solar projects in Kazahstan
The Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) and Hevel Kazakhstan signed a 56.2 mn longterm multicurrency loan facility agreement to finance the construction of solar power plants with an installed capacity of up to 90 MW in Kazakhstan.
It turned out the AIFC is a unique project for the CIS countries. With the help of its own court, arbitration, the stock exchange and its own AIFC regulator, it should become the center of attracting investments into the economy of Kazakhstan. Organization in the post Soviet state of a financial hub for the entire Central Asian region, with a hub based on the principles of English law, having a preferential tax regime and an independent financial court ... Just a few years ago, such a project could be considered extremely fantastic. However, today it's reality. As it usually happens, the project was initiated by Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev. During one of his public speeches, Plan of the Nation 100 Steps in 5 Institutional Reforms, he voiced an extraordinary idea to create the AIFC in Astana based on ASTANA EXPO 2017 infrastructure. A similar center in Dubai became a reference point.
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